Being Real is important to me

Things are changing again in my life! Change is not one of my favorite things, but if I would follow Christ with the reckless abandon I once had, change would be minimal and exciting instead of work.

God called me to blog almost 4 years ago. And daily I met with HIM, and daily HE gave me what I needed to write, and a lesson that was as good for me as for my readers.  Somewhere along the way, I detoured the orginal plan, and became taken in by Stats, what was considered to be trending, and pleasing people.  I know lots write on their blogs that this blog belongs to the readers, but mine belongs to me, and is a reflection of the walk I have with my Father.

Long story short…I started a new blog..I will leave this here, as I know there are some good things here that are still being read, and used.  I could have stayed on WP, but honestly I do have the know-how to do lots of things, and paying someone to do it for me is not viable at this time.

I have been called by the KING as HIS princess, to ponder things, to write them, and to stay on this journey to know HIM more, and love HIM more. That’s all. IF you care to follow my journey I will be here.

The only promise I will make you is I will be real.  If you are able to meet me in person, you will be able to feel that you know me, because I won’t pretend to be something I am not Peace and Love!



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10 responses to “Being Real is important to me

  1. Princess, I knew you were up to something… and I absolutely LOVE the new site… it won’t let me leave a comment 😦 I’m glad you left this here… there is a ton of good stuff…

    Love you!

  2. thanks..mmmmwonder why..must go check that out!

  3. went to the site. luvit. love the design and the designer. left a comment, but it rejected me.

  4. mmmm i wonder why? maybe try again? i set it for anyone to comment..thanks Dale, Peace and Love

  5. it’s a thing. If the commenter is not logged in b4 commenting, it dumps everything written when you are sent to login. Frustrating.

  6. Dale, i found that if using WP it is easier on Blogger to use the Name/URL option fill in both your name and URL, and that will allow other readers to connect to you. Sorry for the inconvience.

  7. Ahhh, don’t you worry your purty little head ’bout that. ‘Tweren’t no inconvenience at all. It was just a flat-out, uncompromising, universally incapacitating ANNOYANCE!!!
    there. i feel better now. thanks. 🙂

  8. bwahahahahahaha! you are so family! somewhere back in the lineage..I am sure you are related!

  9. Going on over there now. Way to stay true, girl. 🙂

  10. you know i value authenticity. the real you is truly the best you…

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