Seize the Day

Its not enough to just walk through the day and to just think at its end, “that’s it! nothing more!”  We tend to forget to seize the day! Be intentional..Looking for what God is doing around us, and anticipating that one person HE may put in your path who is ready to know HIM.  When we do this, we are never disappointed, and not at all weary at the end of the day.  Kingdom living, be intentional, spend time with HIM, and keep the conversation open all day long. Seizing that moment when someone just looks at you and needs a smile, or “hey how you doing?” then wait for them to respond, not walk on by.

I know our schedules are crazy at times, but we serve a GOD who doesn’t run out of time, and when I actually do these things, my day comes together in a supernatural way. One more thing for me to stand of awe about at the end of the day.

Go on now! get out there and just ask someone “Do you know my Jesus?”



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5 responses to “Seize the Day

  1. Hi Darla!

    I agree that intentional living is the only way to go.

    I hope you are well. Love,

  2. Tanya

    You are so right, we have to look up and around not down. Bringing God into all things, even our day. Great post.

  3. Good morning! We are safe and sound in CT! Thanks for everything!

  4. I so wish I could be as bold as to go out there and ask someone: “Do you know my Jesus”. But I keep trusting that God will give me opportunities to share of his love in my own unique way, a way which suits my personality and gifting.

    Sometimes, as Christians we put such pressure on each other to evangelise, we try so hard to share the good news with others, that we put them off. It must all start with relationship and from there everything else will flow.

    We don’t really need to shout our faith to the four winds. When we share with others the love that Christ has given us, they will surely get to know our Jesus, because they will see Him in us.

    God bless you.


  5. ransom33- you are so right about that..there are times when we dont notice the ones that has been put in our way for the talk about Jesus. Its very easy to stay confined to our well meaning spiritual bubble. That is what I struggle with, and a good reminder from day to day to seize the day, and just look for those opportunities that GOD has given me..always good to see you here!

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