Angels Watching Over Us

Angels are mentioned 203 times in the Bible.  As a child, the pictures that were shown to me of angels, certainly did not seem to put my mind at ease.  All of them were little fairy like females that appeared timid to me.  I did not find any security in knowing that they were protecting me. It didn’t take me long to decide I needed to protect myself.   Life is tough, I for one am thrilled that Angels are not weak little girls with wings.

While reading and studying the Bible, it became apparent to me that these Angels were anything but wimpy creatures. They are strong, and empowered by God to carry out any task that HE sent them to carry out.  Interesting how most people who are believers, read their Bibles and insist on those little cutesy winged sweeties as angels, sitting on their shelves.  I wonder where it began. They really look like fairies to me and not angels.

The picture above is one of my favorites by Thomas Blachshear II. I have often looked at this picture and thought of the verses of how angesl surround a camp, protect against evil, fight the enemy, kick the devil out of heaven….finally Angels that I can feel secure about, knowing that GOD sends them to fight and protect, and then empowers them to carry it out.  Beautiful!

Have you ever thought about angels? They evidently have a will of their own, the enemy was one.  What do you think of when someone says “Angel” ?


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