Not Guilty anymore… (repost)

Decided to repost this from 2009, as the message is incredible, and seems we need to be reminded often.  We are not guilty anymore, Mercy is ours!  

This is something that has plagued me for many years,..about the time I believe I am walking in the blessing and feeling redeemed, forgiven, and restored..

In my Face! always wondering, how could that have come back to me again in a such a crippling way..When we believe God, have repented, HE promises to take it away as far as the east is from the west, never to belong to us again..we are Free from the past…we are certainly not guilty anymore..I needed this video, and thought maybe you do too..

Not Guilty Anymore-AaronKeyes



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3 responses to “Not Guilty anymore… (repost)

  1. Hey girl! THAT’S RIGHT! We are SO not guilty, SO not crushed, SO not abandoned…and certainly we have not been destroyed!:)
    We endure so that we may share in those sufferings of Christ, and help others to endure the same…
    love you.

  2. Catching up.. 🙂 Such a huge trick of the enemy…. keeping a right thinking about how completely He has taken our gunk from us is so important for a healthy walk. Love you, and thank you for putting this out there….our chains are gone!

    Love you.

  3. Ang, Deb- this is the lowest trick of the enemy to try to make us believe we are still guilty, what he accomplishes when we believe that…an unbelieving, powerless life…and that is not what GOD has given us…we are more than overcomers..because the blood of Jesus is still as strong as the day it spilled, it covers all sin, and the past is removed as far as the east is from the west. Amen?

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