Look What God Has Done

I truly have been blessed beyond measure, and so have you. But we do have to look for it. Acknowledge that all good things come from God.

I started blogging while in a pit, and asking for accountability and desire to know HIM more and love HIM more…HE answers those kind of prayers..not as we might think, but as HE sees beneficial to us.

Posting some pics here of the blessings HE has given me the last couple of weeks! People who have fanned the fire of my soul, friendships that will last an eternity, and a safe place to bare my soul. Thank you God for your provisions!

Katrina/Deb Hannaford/Derek

Katrina/Deb Hannaford/Derek

me & Hubs/Deb/ Dale and Gracie Hill

me & Hubs/Deb/ Dale and Gracie Hill

(for the record- Tam(inprogress) is standing on the table for this pic-LOVE HER)

Mr & Mrs B4dguy/Michelle Mills/Deb

Mr & Mrs B4dguy/Michelle Mills/Deb

so in love with this family~B4dguys family!

so in love with this family~B4dguys family!

B4dguy/Ric Booth grilling...awesome!

B4dguy/Ric Booth grilling...awesome!

Can’t remember B4d’s son and daughter in law’s name (in the background), but I will always remember how he took a background check on us! LOL My God is big enough to cover small details like that!  Patty (Ric’s wife) is beautiful but camera shy, and makes the best chocolate cake I ever ate!

we had church together! these are our worship leaders, AMAZING!

we had church together! these are our worship leaders, AMAZING!

Just wanted to share what GOD has been doing, in uniting more of the body of Christ, answering my prayers to know HIM more and love HIM more, and showing me how very beautiful it is know people who have hearts for HIM, and live life to the fullest, as we know it is also a gift!

Coming soon…pics of TAM (inprogress) and her vacation with all of us, as she was still on the west coast, she is talented like that!



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7 responses to “Look What God Has Done

  1. wow – I’m in 4 out of 6 of your blessings photos! (teehee)

    It was so great to hang out with you guys for a couple days.

    I can’t wait to see the photos of Tam’s visit.

  2. a blessing you are my friend…text me Leah’s number so i can check in on her…just adore her..she has a great sense of humor and beautiful smile!! oh..you do too!

  3. hey – we had the sausage last night. YUMMY!!!!

    thanks for all the Pa. Dutch treats!!!

  4. you are welcome!! i will bring more when i come to visit again…and yes i am coming again thats the warning..so lock it up! 😆

  5. I forgot my snarple…snarple? snapple? scrapple>>>dang…that stuff is good! Just can’t remember what it’s called…

    Thanks for the time and the memories…so much fun! 🙂 and um, I’m in 3 pics Darla dear, only you could get away with that…. 😛

  6. i think they look great! and i did have trouble getting the others pics up without you in them..sooo don’t worry! hahaha Scrapple mmmmmm good stuff…

  7. Hey, Darla…I’ve sent a couple of emails your way. Hope you’re getting them. Love you.

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