Fixing my Focus…

Facebook.  Twitter.  Blogs. Outreach. Church. Family. Life good and bad. Work. Friendships. None of which are bad things, but if not in the correct priority is demolition to my walk with Christ. So my struggles, and my lack of “livehappy” is my own doing.

Since my top priority is walking with the LORD, and being all that I can be in HIM, i needed to make some difficult decisions.

~my time with God comes first in the day or this laptop does not open til it happens.

~I am moving my writing to Philter48 because that is my call to write and to be a light that shines, and the accountability that goes with it. I am sure this is a good move.

~Being a part of a church family is God’s will for me…HE has placed me with a group of people who have a heart for the lost, and maybe for the first time I feel like I am home and with my vision “An Army of Love”.  Been struggling with this, but time to stop fighting it and move on with it.

~limiting my facebook time, and my twitter time, but not feeling like I need to stop it.

~family is important to me, and I am working on being more flexible with them, they are a gift from God.

~my friendships are important to me, and I want to be more open to spend more time with them.

~embracing the life God has given to me unselfishly, and living happy, being grateful, and keeping a Kingdom focus.

If you want to read more of ponderings, you will find them at Philter48. My outreach to search and rescue people who are bound by the enemy unknowingly.   You can follow me on Twitter and also on Facebook.

Love you all, and hope to see you and hear from you…Peace



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9 responses to “Fixing my Focus…

  1. Looking forward to Great things at Philter48…

    Love ya sis.

  2. i just feel the Spirit on this, and the freedom that comes with obedience..honored to walk this road with you.

    love ya Bro

  3. I’m subscribed there too….Look forward to reading what is on your heart!!

  4. Will keep up with you on facebook. Hope to see you this summer and this fall. Love you Darla.

  5. Toby, glad to hear from you as always…praying for you and yours, hope to see you in some discussions at philter or at least leave me a comment!

    Papa, you will always have me! Bwahahahahaha still visiting blogs on weekends and keeping up..working on a time to visit with you…we are all missing you and mama!!! and you have to visit with me at my already said yes!

  6. TheNorEaster

    Hi. I am Nor. And this is your sixth comment on this post.

    PS: Give you one guess how tired I am. 😐

  7. Hey, Darla!!!

    It’s been a week since you’ve posted…it’s not like you have company or anything important going on!?!?!??!

    Love to hear some of your thoughts.

    Miss you already. Give those chilluns a huge hug from me! Love them! Love you!!!

  8. Hi Darla,

    Just popping in to say hi. I love the way that you never ‘settle’ but that you are always looking to please God in all (and I mean all) that you do. Thanks!

    Much Love,

  9. thank you Angie, you are a great encouragement to me!

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