IF you could…would you?

What is something that seems out of reach to you, but if you could…________, would you?

if i could…bungee jump off the SanFrancisco Bridge at night…would i…NO (chicken..but that would be radical to me!)


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4 responses to “IF you could…would you?

  1. TheNorEaster

    If I could have a “Make-Me-Laugh” contest on my blog and get so many great responses–I mean, drop-dead funny stuff–that my stomach would hurt from laughing so dang hard, I WOULD!!! 😀

    My stats are terrible, though. Strange because I’ve been writing more than ever.

  2. TheNorEaster

    Hey…Where did my comment go…? 😕

  3. If I could jump on a plane and see you I would! Oh, I am..LOL Hugs!

  4. oneroadtotravel

    Oh my goodness how cool would that be…if I wouldn’t get thown into jail I would be on top of that!

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