Changing the “want to”…

Lord God, our Father in Heaven, we are sadly mistaken..or we are blatantly defiant… we need you to change our “want to”, and cause it to line up with Yours.  We cry, plead, and whine through the storms, yet we make our home there.  You say, “thou shalt not…” and we say “I want to”.  Soften our hearts to your will, help us to keep your Son foremost in our thoughts, who was Obedient to Your will, even to death, on a cross. Help us to remember that we will not go through anything that HE has not experienced and that You know exactly what our fears are, even more than we do.  You alone have authority over everything, change our “want to”.

Often I am confronted with a struggle, a battle of the Wills.  Whether it is with my children, or it is between me and God. Both are situations where someone will lose the battle.  We can become consumed with what we want, and feelings are not always right, and emotions can be disasterous if allowed to make choices, especially life altering ones.  When God has clearly said “do not”, HE MEANS IT!  We will not change HIS mind, this is not a compromise, and HE does not love us more than the one that was rebuked for the same thing…So…why do we push the ticket?

Maybe in all our intelligence of theology, we have lost sight of who HE is.  HE is Holy. HE is Supreme. HE is Pure. HE is our Father who will do whatever it takes to make us look to HIM, and to choose HIS way.  HE calls to us for Obedience, and yet we think we have a choice. The choice is..walking in the blessing or walking without it.  Repercussions to our choices are sometimes more painful than just making the right choice. (this one i know)

God opened up HIS mouth, and we have creation in all its awesomeness! HE hung the stars and named them, I can’t even count them much less call them by name.  HIS plan is more than we can comprehend..HIS power is limitless! HE can change our “want to”, HE can change our “mood and attitude”.  HE will not hear our cries in direct disobedience, unless it is in repentance.  If we are playing a game, to have our “want to”, then later repent when we are done with the thing…oh HE will forgive, but you will feel the repercussions…because HE will not be mocked, HE won’t have it…

Disobedience is not ever rewarded…



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8 responses to “Changing the “want to”…

  1. I needed to hear this today.

    Forgive me for my disobedience. 😦

    Help me to obey you.


  2. Praying that God will change your “want to”..and for you to believe and recieve that HE has. love and prayers…

  3. I sure wish my ‘want to” would line up better – even at 65 and over 50 years of serving Christ, I still pray to God to help me surrender my will to His – I think we call it Holiness of heart.

  4. I’m relieved to hear it can still be a struggle, Papa. I feel I’m so wrong not having my “want to” lining up with His will. It is a constant for me.

    Great reminder, Darla, one I needed to hear. Thanks.

    Love you!

  5. Papa- you are right there will always be struggles to line up with HIS will for us. Sometimes God is exceptionally clear in the “do not” area..and those are the “want to” that i am speaking of…conforming to HIS will and being obedient are not things we should brush off you, and want to visit!

    Michelle- sometimes we feel wrong because we are…does that make sense. love you much can’t wait to see you!

  6. Amen, Darla, and those are the times we really need to be listening. Or remembering what we’ve learned…

    I can’t wait! I’m hoping for lots of hugs and I’ve heard you make some amazing dippy eggs…???

  7. I’m learning to have more patience with myself and others when I miss it, and and less harsh judgment on my tongue. (this is by degrees – I have a long way to go) He can change my ‘want to.’ Yes, indeed He can. It’s sometimes a long, hard road, that one … but He loves a good challenge. He sure got one with me! 😀 He has changed my heart in so many ways …

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