Summer Break!


I love summer, I love all that goes along with it.  Family time, being outside, cookouts, visiting with friends, and just slowing down the pace! Ahhhhhhh, love it!

This has been a rough year for the Frantz family.  So many changes in our life. It seems that more than half of this school year we have been tending to broken hearts, mostly ours together and seperately.  Desperately wanting to be where God wants us to be, and moving in the direction HE has for us.  Sometimes its hard to tell if what the circumstances are showing is actually God speaking or ourselves, or the enemy.  Some really tough calls.

My favorite thing about the summer break is that I get to spend more time with the Lord, and longer quiet times that don’t need a clock, or limited to just a certain time slot.

Can’t wait to catch up on blogs, and seriously get this one going again! So tell me,

What is your favorite thing about summer? or What has the Lord been doing in your life this past school year?



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10 responses to “Summer Break!

  1. speaking of cookouts…we need to do some planning!
    I’m going to be in Carlisle next week – know any good eats at a halfway point???

  2. B4dguy- hubs sent you an email, and we are looking at coming down the 4th early evening and staying til the is there some where we can throw a sleeping bag? soooo excited to hook up with everyone!if that doesn’t work we can adjust me some badguy! hahaha

  3. Cool SHADES, Darls… u’ll need them if/WHEN you get to Barbados…. 🙂

    COOKOUT!!!! BBQ!!!!! I’m hungry already…

  4. 😎

    Praying for you all.

    Love you!

  5. Bajanpoet- i would love to visit you and Barbados!! pray for me to come into some money tho that would help. 🙂

    Michelle- praying for you too..HEY ALL!! Michelle is visiting me soon for a girls few days at my house..thats right NO MEN! hahaha well except for my hubs when his truck is in, and the 4th with Bad and Ric..woot! let’s get this summer on!

  6. Prayer! Will do!

    Father GOD – I wanna see Darla and Scott! Could you PLEASE give them the finances to make the trip? Help us to know your timing, and your will … It would be SO GREAT to see them! I ask in Jesus’ name that you make the provision possible for them! I would LOVE to host them! Thank u Jesus! AMEN!!!!!!!

  7. keep praying!! know HE just might say YES!!!

  8. ooooohhhh Me too! Me too! Me too! 😀

    My goodness, if I had the time and resource, I would SO take a road trip out for a girl’s night. 😀 *sigh*

  9. annie, you are welcome, anytime!

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