things to ponder…

* HE loves us so..oh how HE loves us..(this song is stuck in my head today)

* walking through the valley is the time when we earn crowns to place at HIS feet..(different perspective)

* all things work together for those who love HIM

* unlimited “do-overs”,  what is not to love about that?

* jump..HE will catch you

* sometimes we need to travel the hardest road, to get to the best place

* no place is dark enough for God not to shine through..amazing

* when everything else fails…HE never does

*God is working through the internet, on Twitter, in Blogsville-i know i seen HIM

* even in the remotest corner of the world, we are never alone-HE is there with us

* HE gave us promises, and HE does not lie

*HE doesn’t love just a little..HE loves completely, and unconditionally


these are some of the things i am pondering through maybe you need some things to ponder on too…these things always cause me look up, move closer, and feel the healing power of our awesome and peace!



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14 responses to “things to ponder…

  1. True that, princess, true that….


  2. Good pondering stuff. 😀

  3. I like that one about the crowns.

  4. “Even in the remotest corner of the world, we are never alone-HE is there with us.”

    Amen & Amen.

  5. HW

    LOVE THIS! 🙂

  6. “when everything else fails…HE never does”

    Praise Him!!

  7. so good to see you all here! now i know i am not totally forgotten!

    recovering from some oral surgery, and pondering on things that are do people without Jesus get through things? its a mystery to me…

  8. I feel so blessed that God loves us! If HE loves us so much, shouldn’t I be loving others so much more? I am over whelmed with His love.

  9. I posted this on Michelle’s blog, but it works here too!

    “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” – John

    lavished – that is a great word…

    lav⋅ish –verb (used with object)

    3. to expend or give in great amounts or without limit

  10. Sometimes we need to travel the hardest road to get to the best place.

    Still pondering…thanks.

    Love you!

  11. HI Darla…

    How are you?

  12. How do people get by without Jesus?

    The same way you do Hun… ny believing in something.

    It may not be a good something – it may just be in themselves, but their belief is what ‘gets them through’.

    Sometimes they believe the world would be better off without them and them without the world and their story ‘ends’.

    If they chose not to believe in God and do nothing to ‘improve’ their Soul’s qualities while here on earth they may be somewhat disappointed when they find out the consequences of that choice.


  13. Bad- I am crazy about the word “lavish” and mixed up with the love of God..incredible!

    Papa- love you

    Brainteaser- Sherma!! missed you!, i am well and hope you are too…needing to get back to my writing, you too?

    Michelle- we all need these reminders, some of us more than others, or are we just more honest? 😉

    Love-love you, and your honesty. i totally agree with you.

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