National Day of Prayer

Did you have a celebration in your area for the National Day of Prayer? We always do  here in PA, corporate prayer, speaker, music…tons of people, and family friendly as well.  This year was no exception, well except for that Beth Moore was our speaker, and Travis was our worship leader…I don’t need to tell you that GOD was huge in that place!  I know HE is huge everywhere, but i don’t always sense that..and this time I did!

I will post some pics later today or tomorrow, I am really pressed for time right now, but just had to share with you!! So excited today about what God is going to do as a result of our prayers.  It rained here saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday morning..and then it stopped, and turned into the most beautiful spring day over and around the NDP ampitheater, and the ground was not muddy…amazing! God is totally about HIS children praying!

Of all the things I could quote from yesterday this one is still my favorite this morning… “take heart, GOD is not on vacation”….first you laugh, and then it sets in, and wow! what a thought to keep front and center.  (BTW-no more whining about my hug and kiss…I so got it!! hahaha i do love my MamaBeth!)



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5 responses to “National Day of Prayer

  1. Our National Day of Prayer is the end of May, and the young adults pastors are organising something…I’m not sure what, I’ll find out when I need to. I love teams 🙂

    Glad you had such a great day already though…God is GOOD!

  2. Yeah! Praise God!

    I don’t know if we did anything here for NDP. Well … I mean, I obviously didn’t. (Worked this morning and called off for the night.) I’m sure my church did something, and I’m sure there was something at the state capitol too.

    Sounds like your event was AWESOME!!!!! LOVE it when God shows up. Anywhere. I’m in love.

  3. David if you get to participate even in just being it! God is amazing when HIS people get all demonstrative over HIM! 🙂 and where two or more are gathered…how about a few thousand? will seriously rock your face off! love when HE shares HIS presence in a way that is tangible to me.

    Annie, love you! maybe you should just ask someone at your church if they ever considered having a day of prayer..i am surprised at the amount of communities that do not do anything thinking that the President will have something on tv. and well …. our president said he could not participate as he is no longer pro-life…how sad! thousands of people were praying for him on thursday. oh and i finally sent that email!

  4. Our county has had a prayer walk for the NDP for the past 4 years. It is so awesome to see all of the denominations coming together to unite our voices in prayer. We have it in the evening so families can participate together. We know that much fruit comes from our obedience to what God has called us to do on the National Day of Prayer. Love, joy and peace to you, Dana

  5. OK, trying not to be jealous … 😉 What an amazing experience to be a part of! And thanks for that quote; that is one to tuck away and ponder often!
    Love you, Princess! Hope you’re doing well. (Sorry for my long absence! I did finally update my blog again–twice today!)

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