Have you seen her?

You know,.. the girl who looks tattered and torn? Maybe covered in tatoos, maybe just not very easy on your eyes…I am sure you have seen her. My question is, how did you respond to her? or if you responded at all?

I wonder how many times Jesus has put her or him in our path and we choose to cross the street, or look else where.  Did it even cross our minds to make an eye connection with her/him, and maybe offer a friendly smile? Maybe even say “hey, how are you?” and then stand and listen, maybe offer to pray for them with them, maybe offer to take them to dinner, or invite them in for coffee, and try to extend a friendly hand?  Its hard I know…but what a terrible thing it would be if Jesus were disguised, and we rejected HIM..i think about things like that. 

I don’t think its good or cool to just ignore these people and call our selves blessed, and go home and write check to our favorite ministry, or sign up for a missions trip and forget the person we pass on the way to the grocery store who holds a sign …”will work for food”..you don’t have to leave the US to find them, they are here.  (no kick on missions trips – love them, love the hearts God sends on them) Just wondering…why there are so many stickers and shirts and hats with “what would Jesus do” and not many looking like Jesus?  maybe they are not telling us they know, maybe they don’t know what Jesus would do…just my brain….



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9 responses to “Have you seen her?

  1. Good thoughts, brain.

    Yeah … I have wanted to learn this lesson. It’s been slow in coming. But I think I’m getting it.

  2. Your brain is thinking just fine.

    The Guy that I hired just last year has $30,000 dollars worth of tatoo’s… Put him in front of me 3-4 years ago, I would not have given him a second thought…

    Peace and love sis.

  3. Wow, you so have my heart on this. Some of my favorite ministry opportunities is being a stree walker…looking at the people Jesus ministered to, you pretty much nailed it with this post.

    Love you~ 🙂

  4. People are people are people are people…

    No matter the size, shape, color, tats, hair, money, fame…

    People are people are people are people…

    For God so loved the world (not the physical world, but PEOPLE) He gave His only Son…

    Thanks, Darla.

  5. I am thrilled that GOD sees and looks straight to the heart of a person, and does not get hung up on the outter appearance..Thank YOU GOD!

    (BTW~happy belated birthday Michelle!)

  6. Darla – The thing about the What Would Jesus Do idea is that it is all in the possibility realm. We need to live in the here and now, not in the what could be. So really, I wish we could change it to WIJD – What Is Jesus Doing. He is alive now. We are alive now. Let’s live in the now.

  7. WE can change it!! LOL I am all about what JESUS IS DOING!!! love it!

  8. The only thing I can say in response to this is the lyrics to Kirk Franklin’s “The Last Jesus:”

    I see you, I need you, but I don’t know your name.
    I touch you, say I love you, but that’s all you get for today.
    It’s easy, so easy, to tell you it’s gon be okay.
    When I don’t walk in your shoes,
    haven’t been through what you been through
    instead I push you away.
    Sunday everyone looks like you
    but if our lives are cold inside tell me what’s the use?

    If I say I love Jesus
    but you can’t see my Jesus
    My words are empty if they can’t see Jesus in me.
    No more excuses, I give myself away
    because I may be the only Jesus they see.

    Too busy, forgive me, I’ve got problems of my own.
    It’s easier to say your help is on the way
    when I was your help all along.
    We’re shouting, we’re dancing, but can the world see a change?
    Am I just too selfish to see
    that the love they need You put inside of me?

    If we say we love Jesus but they can’t see our Jesus.
    Tell me what’s the use if they can’t see Jesus in you and me.
    No more excuses, we give it all away,
    Because we may be the only Jesus they see.

    If I am Your hands and Your feet.
    And if Your church is built inside of me.
    Where did we go wrong, we been here too long, we can’t see Your face anymore.
    It’s not the same anymore.

    Have mercy on us Jesus, please forgive us Jesus.
    I lost my purpose, if they can’t see You in me.
    See I lied too long, and I change it all today.
    Because I may be, because I may be.

    If we say we love Jesus but they can’t see our Jesus.
    Tell me what’s the use if they can’t see Jesus in you and me.
    No more excuses, we give it all away,
    Because we may be the only Jesus they see.

    The only Jesus they see, the only Jesus they see, the only Jesus they see.

  9. The spam monster ate my comment 😥

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