My Blog Needs a SPIRITUAL Nap

I am in need of a spiritual nap, some time sitting at HIS feet, and re-adjusting my time.  If you are interested in finding me here are some of the places I might be when time allows.



or facebook Darla Frantz, add me as a friend and I will add you.


I have not decided to shut this down, but I am in transition with a new study, new church, and life in general that is very demanding.  When I started blogging I had a very clear ministry, its changing, and I am thinking this needs to be re-invented, redone, possibly moved, and thinking that the Holy Spirit has a plan, and I am jumping off the edge to see where I land! exciting and scary..

The Christian Bubble is not for me…both physically and blogging.  There are so many hurting people, and so many who need hope, and I am sitting here holding that Hope, and I need to be out there giving it away.

If you need to reach me  leave a comment here and it will come into my email or check in on one of the places listed above.. Hope to catch back up soon here with something different and new! If you are subscribed here that will be the easiest and fastest way to know when I am back… Love and Peace!



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13 responses to “My Blog Needs a SPIRITUAL Nap

  1. PeregrinJoe

    As you may have noticed, I shut my blog down completely. So I totally understand what you are doing.

    I think I may be reopening mine again, but it will be something new and very different.

    I will keep up with you on FB, where you are certainly one of my friends.

    Thanks for all you do, and may the Lord richly bless you as you seek His face.

  2. Oh my ! Will be praying for you!

  3. I’ve not been posting to mine, either, but still get traffic and comments on some of the pages and past blog postings. So I know the Lord is still using the blog, though He does not seem to be using me at the moment.
    So, I’m leaving mine up, but idle.
    I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to minister to someone thru FB’s wal-to-wall. The Lord is using that to teach me about my words and His words.

    Darla, I hope this doesn’t mean that you and Scott will not be available for us to meet one of these warm weekends that is coming upon us. 😦

  4. “There are so many hurting people, and so many who need hope, and I am sitting here holding that Hope, and I need to be out there giving it away.”

    and people need you! I have so much respect for this and you know I know…so proud of you, love you girl, I’m right beside you!

  5. Well Darla, I will pray with and for you, as always, my sister! We always have Gmail (and the ABRs!) 😉

    I will miss seeing this blog update 🙂 But I know God will bring better out of its hiatus.

    Love u princess…. you are the one that the Holy Ghost inspired to get me into using the web for ministry … I can remember the time we met, when I left a prophetic word for you on Tam’s blog….. *nostalgia*…. and then when the guy who read my post on the Meaning of the Cross wanted a Bible and you sent one coz I couldn’t at the time…

    Love you Darla. I really do.

  6. You know where I stand, or neal as the case may be. At the foot of His cross.

    Love you, and you know you won’t be able to get away from me anyway.

    May God direct you and prosper you as Jer 29:11 says. You are an amazing woman.

    Peace and love sis

  7. you all are amazing gifts from God to me!! truly! HIS joy is mine, and I feel so free altho free falling with HIM..knowing HE has a plan and will not let me land hard.. hahaha What a Great GOD we serve!! too much to hold have to share!!

  8. Darls!!!! I totally understand. This is the same reason my blog (and blogging) has been so quiet. I am not quiet … God knows! Lot’s going on in my life. But … not so much on the blogosphere. So I totally understand. SO glad we have phones and e-mails, though. 😀 (BTW, you mentioned an e-mail …….)

  9. Love you. I have not been in the blogging sphere for a while either but if you have the opportunity to read my recent post, you will know the a reason for that. I think about you often and pray that whatever higher purpose God is calling you to, you know that He has equipped you with exactly what you need in order to fulfill it. He is taking you from faith to faith and glory to glory praise God. I love your heart and spirit for the Master. It has always encouraged me. I hope we get to connect soon and I am still praying and hoping for the go-ahead from Him concerning August. Your daughter XO

  10. My prayers are with you…always.

    Love you, Princess!

  11. Thank for all the support, emails, and prayers..been missing you all alot, and hoping for a window to return..keep in touch! love and Peace!

  12. Hey sis, you’re always in my prayers, even when we both disappear from the blogosphere for extended periods. Love you!

  13. tam

    “The Christian Bubble is not for me…both physically and blogging.”

    i couldnt agree more.

    beside you all the way. i love you, princess!

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