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My Blog Needs a SPIRITUAL Nap

I am in need of a spiritual nap, some time sitting at HIS feet, and re-adjusting my time.  If you are interested in finding me here are some of the places I might be when time allows.



or facebook Darla Frantz, add me as a friend and I will add you.


I have not decided to shut this down, but I am in transition with a new study, new church, and life in general that is very demanding.  When I started blogging I had a very clear ministry, its changing, and I am thinking this needs to be re-invented, redone, possibly moved, and thinking that the Holy Spirit has a plan, and I am jumping off the edge to see where I land! exciting and scary..

The Christian Bubble is not for me…both physically and blogging.  There are so many hurting people, and so many who need hope, and I am sitting here holding that Hope, and I need to be out there giving it away.

If you need to reach me  leave a comment here and it will come into my email or check in on one of the places listed above.. Hope to catch back up soon here with something different and new! If you are subscribed here that will be the easiest and fastest way to know when I am back… Love and Peace!


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