Would you please pray…

Our community and family would be honored to have your prayers at this time.  

On Sunday, a 15 year old boy committed suicide in our community, he was in the same graduating class as Trina. Although she does not know him personally, it is hard on all.  What makes a young boy so hopeless? I could think of several things. Sad. I am praying for his family and peers, as well as the ones who are still contemplating this as a solution. This hit me like a ton of bricks, and I just know what his family is feeling and going through. Please pray for them to know the LORD, for someone to come along side them and offer them HOPE.

Today my cousins son, Aaron 12 years old is having his second heart surgery, he is my sons best friend. The doctors don’t offer much hope, it’s 50/50..it will either correct his problem, or it will end with a designated amount of time for him to live. Aaron and his family are believers, and we are believing for the best, and still God’s will.  Even though I never understand God’s thinking..I am learning to accept it.  Still having trouble explaining that to a 13 year old, and praying I won’t have to. My GOD is the great Heart Physician, HE designed this heart for a reason, and HE can also correct it… SO could you all give up some prayers for these situations in my life today. I am so burdened for both.

Thank you for your prayers, and leave me something I can pray for you today. Praises are more than welcomed here..I would love to get some praise on!



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10 responses to “Would you please pray…

  1. Heidi

    I’m praying like no one’s business.

    God is alive …. He’s working feverishly on your behalf, know that.

    Love you Prin!!!

  2. WOW Princess person….I would say a full plate. You bet I’m goin’ to the throne room….

    When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I….

    Love you!

  3. At my desk at work…But on my knees before him in my heart for your community.

    Peace and love sis.

  4. ((hugs))

    You know I love you. Such heaviness on your heart right now, and on mine for you.

    Praise: been almost a month and I’m feeling great!

  5. Father God! I lift up the community before you! This death has rocked it to its core…. I pray it rocks to it’s knees as well. I pray for Trina, and all the young people in that age group. I pray that you, Holy Spirit will be the Comforter, the Helper, the One who comes alongside! Please comfort those who mourn, bring peace to those who are angry, and wipe away the tears of those who are sad. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that this situation will be brought before the throne in many different ways, places, countries, and that because of our concern for our sister and what concerns her – that YOU will act because WE have prayed.

    Not only for this, father, but touch and mend and heal the heart of this 12 year old boy. I ask that every surgeon, every technician, every person dealing with Aaron will be embodiments of Christ’s hands on that operating table. I ask that you bring PEACE to everyone involved there, and I pray that you will bring healing and restoration.

    “Be anxious for NOTHING, but by prayer and supplication make your requests known unto God, and the PEACE of GOD that passes ALL UNDERSTANDING GUARD EVERYONE’S heart and mind in CHRIST JESUS.” Let Gods’ un-understandable peace be with ALL involved in EVERY situation mentioned, in JESUS’ NAME!”

  6. Definitely praying Darla

    For us, you can pray that a current season of painful change would be swift due to us grasping the lessons we need to and moving into the next season of harvesting!

  7. TheNorEaster

    “On Sunday, a 15 year old boy committed suicide in our community, he was in the same graduating class as Trina. Although she…”

    Far as I got.


  8. Each night mama and I pray for your family by name – each one. Today and tonight we will be offering prayer for these special requests. Be a special blessing today Darla – wants to use you!

  9. Thanks for your prayers. My cousins son went into his surgery and they found another reason for his problems. This one is do-able and should be easily corrected. So they closed him up and in a couple weeks, they will operate and correct the problem. Everyone was baffled at how they did not see that before, and none of the tests picked it up..hahaha that is my GOD! and the prayers of HIS children! thank you

    David- praying for you and yours, thanks so much for praying!

    Nor- I love you, and want you to think about something for a moment…wonder why some of us are confronted with suicide so many times, and why it runs so deep? Maybe God wants us to make sure we are not intimidated by spreading the Gospel, we know how much the world needs to hear there is HOPE. hope you are doing well…

    I am short on time right now, but I am thanking GOD for each one of you who commented here and prayed, also for the ones on Twitter, who have been lifting me and my family up. God is good and faithful, and HE has used this online community to edify the body, and make the Bride beautiful! awesome

  10. Praise the Lord! Seeing the prayers from everyone; hearing the praise report. YES! Praise the Lord! He is the Great Heart Physician! I loved that part! 😀

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