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Would you please pray…

Our community and family would be honored to have your prayers at this time.  

On Sunday, a 15 year old boy committed suicide in our community, he was in the same graduating class as Trina. Although she does not know him personally, it is hard on all.  What makes a young boy so hopeless? I could think of several things. Sad. I am praying for his family and peers, as well as the ones who are still contemplating this as a solution. This hit me like a ton of bricks, and I just know what his family is feeling and going through. Please pray for them to know the LORD, for someone to come along side them and offer them HOPE.

Today my cousins son, Aaron 12 years old is having his second heart surgery, he is my sons best friend. The doctors don’t offer much hope, it’s 50/50..it will either correct his problem, or it will end with a designated amount of time for him to live. Aaron and his family are believers, and we are believing for the best, and still God’s will.  Even though I never understand God’s thinking..I am learning to accept it.  Still having trouble explaining that to a 13 year old, and praying I won’t have to. My GOD is the great Heart Physician, HE designed this heart for a reason, and HE can also correct it… SO could you all give up some prayers for these situations in my life today. I am so burdened for both.

Thank you for your prayers, and leave me something I can pray for you today. Praises are more than welcomed here..I would love to get some praise on!



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