My Offering, Crazy about HIM!

This morning started out in fog, both literally and mentally. Totally driven to pray and pray and pray, and knowing that I will not understand HIS ways, because they truly are not mine. Knowing HE is for me and not against me.  Still things seemed very dark to me and very unsure.  Then it happened, the sun pierced through the fog almost blinding. Incredible! As worship filled my heart, this song rolled off my lips..stuck with me all day, and wondering while praising HIM … how does HE do that?? Crazy about HIM, hope you are too. If not, knowing HIM is to become crazy about HIM! no doubt!  The day turned into the most beautiful day, and it seemed as the fog burned off, the spring colors unfolded, and it was literally a brand new day! 

Paul Baloche-Offering

The sun cannot compare 
The glory of Your love 
There is no shadow in Your presence 
No mortal man would dare 
To stand before Your throne 
Before the Holy One of heaven 
It’s only by your blood 
And its only by your mercy 
Lord, I come 

I bring an offering 
Of worship to my King 
No one on earth deserves 
The praises that I sing 
Jesus may you receive 
The honor that You’re due 
O Lord, I bring an offering to you 
I bring an offering to you



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6 responses to “My Offering, Crazy about HIM!

  1. no fog her today! 😀 It was a good day w/Jesus and also Amos!

  2. Every moment is a new moment. Choose Him every moment.

    Love ya sis.

  3. He is the King of turn-around stories. Thanks for sharing, Darls!

  4. Yes, I meant to type an ´s´ at the end of your name instead of an ´a´. I don´t know why. I just felt like it. 🙂

  5. @ngie~ love it! that is what Annie calls me always! and this is a place where you can do what you feel like! hahaha love ya girl! praying for you and yours..

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