I Need A Game! STAT!

This week has barely started and I already am finished with it in my mind.  But laughter and a good game is always good medicine for me! SO you wanna play a game?

I will start the game with a word, and you can change one letter and scramble the other letters to make a different word. Then the next person will do the same..sounds easy? play as many times as you want…or you will come here and I will play by myself, because I NEED a game!

(leave a link to where I might find others playing games..i am seriously in NEED)

 starting with     GAME



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25 responses to “I Need A Game! STAT!

  1. oh my…i’ve been starting at this one for a few seconds and am thinking maybe I need more coffee.

  2. bite

    (shelly-go ahead and have more coffee..I am getting more too 😯 )

  3. TheNorEaster


  4. NOR- 😆 nope that don’t work..hahaha

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