Fun Friday Frenzie-Do You Like…?

Sorry this week i have been overwhelmed with things that need done, and i have neglected my blog and my readers..please forgive me..i will try harder this coming week 😉 

New game today…

I will start it with a “Do you like…”, and the next person will answer, and leave the next “Do you like..” Hopefully we will find out lots about each other, or we will laugh hysterically at what some may think up! Either way is good!! remember..keep it clean and family friendly..other than that..all chaos is welcomed! Have a Fun Friday Frenzie on me, K?


Do you like to clean up leaves in the yard (you have no tree)?



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19 responses to “Fun Friday Frenzie-Do You Like…?

  1. NO…I mow over the leaves with the mulcher.

    Do you like milk or chocolate milk better?

  2. Oh! Chocolate milk much better 🙂 (Unless I have some kind of delicious milk flavoring left-over from a cereal when I’ve eaten it….does that count?!)

    QUESTION; Do you like thunderstorms?

  3. oldbrusharbors

    I almost always use the mulcher, But I remember when I was a small child ” I think that was befor Mulchers were invented ” Ha, I used to love playing In the piles of leaves that my parents would gather up… Yea, I like Chocolate milk.

    Which season of the year do you like best?

  4. love thunderstorms!!!
    and Spring is my most fav time of the year!

    Do you like to jump on a trampoline?

  5. Never jumped on a real trampoline…. loved jumping on the bed when I was younger!!!!!

    Do you like greasy fast food that’s not good for you?

  6. PeregrinJoe

    I LOVE greasy fast food that is not good for me. In fact if you do too, then you need to visit the Varsity in Atlanta where I live. Just looking at the place will clog your arteries. But man is it good!

    Do you like Th Godfather or Lord of the Rings Better?

  7. Lord of the rings (slightly ADHD, and this series moves fast! haha :lol:)

    Do you like cream filled donuts, or glazed?

  8. PeregrinJoe

    Both! When they are from Krispy Kreme.

    Do you like long walks or short drives?

  9. long walks..i drive 6 1/2 hours a day for a living..

    DO you like to watch the sun go down or rise on the Beach? (depending on where you live)

  10. Sunrise no question… Wait Sunset no question.. Wait… I like anything if I am at the beach.

    Do you like Bugs Bunny or Pink Panther?

  11. For the cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny.
    For the movies, Pink Panther.

    Do you like being alone in the crowd?

  12. I think I feel more comfortable being alone in the crowd now that I know I’m not really alone and God is with me 🙂

    Do you like dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

  13. Dark Chocolate!!

    Do you like Waffles or Pancakes?

  14. I like pancakes…..wait….waffles….Darla would you please stop confusing me.. 😉

    Do you like apples or bannannas?

  15. bananas! especially dipped in chocolate!!

    Do you like action movies?

  16. Well, a movie where the actor just sits there doing and saying nothing would be rather boring…so, I guess I need some action 🙂

    Do you like trying new foods?

  17. 😆


    Do you like slow lazy saturday mornings?

  18. I like everyday to be slow and lazy, but Saturdays are the best.
    However, my wife has me up vacuuming the floors. I’ll get my coffee later.

    Do you like yesterday or tomorrow?

  19. definitely tomorrow! always looking ahead…

    Do you like Peanut Butter Eggs or Butter cream eggs?

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