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My Blog Needs a SPIRITUAL Nap

I am in need of a spiritual nap, some time sitting at HIS feet, and re-adjusting my time.  If you are interested in finding me here are some of the places I might be when time allows.



or facebook Darla Frantz, add me as a friend and I will add you.


I have not decided to shut this down, but I am in transition with a new study, new church, and life in general that is very demanding.  When I started blogging I had a very clear ministry, its changing, and I am thinking this needs to be re-invented, redone, possibly moved, and thinking that the Holy Spirit has a plan, and I am jumping off the edge to see where I land! exciting and scary..

The Christian Bubble is not for me…both physically and blogging.  There are so many hurting people, and so many who need hope, and I am sitting here holding that Hope, and I need to be out there giving it away.

If you need to reach me  leave a comment here and it will come into my email or check in on one of the places listed above.. Hope to catch back up soon here with something different and new! If you are subscribed here that will be the easiest and fastest way to know when I am back… Love and Peace!



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Change Makes Me Needy!

Are “things” in general changing quickly around you? My life has been changing drastically around me.  There has been times that the need to catch my breath and pray “I don’t know what end is up, can you straighten all this out or change me, please”.   I think the latter is what HE has chosen to do.

How sweet and awesome is it that we have a GOD who really cares for us? who has a plan for us?  who knows the end result, and does not get tired of working on us? Although HE does not change, HE is changing us, changing me, day to day, situation to situation, heart break to heart break…

Thinking today about how HE is limitless, never in need, always sufficient, and yet will wrap me up in HIM, and calm my heart. 

Father God, we stand amazed at your Awesomeness! There is none like you. Thank you for always being with us, even when we forget that you are here. Thank you for your faithfulness, love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  We don’t understand why things happen like they do, and still know that you allow these things to further your plans. Help us to accept that and to trust you. Lord, help our unbelief…we need your peace and your joy to walk through this cursed world, and shine our lights for you. We need our eyes to be fixed on you, to know you more and love you more.  Thank you for not getting annoyed with our needy lives, and for wanting to give to us….


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Would you please pray…

Our community and family would be honored to have your prayers at this time.  

On Sunday, a 15 year old boy committed suicide in our community, he was in the same graduating class as Trina. Although she does not know him personally, it is hard on all.  What makes a young boy so hopeless? I could think of several things. Sad. I am praying for his family and peers, as well as the ones who are still contemplating this as a solution. This hit me like a ton of bricks, and I just know what his family is feeling and going through. Please pray for them to know the LORD, for someone to come along side them and offer them HOPE.

Today my cousins son, Aaron 12 years old is having his second heart surgery, he is my sons best friend. The doctors don’t offer much hope, it’s 50/ will either correct his problem, or it will end with a designated amount of time for him to live. Aaron and his family are believers, and we are believing for the best, and still God’s will.  Even though I never understand God’s thinking..I am learning to accept it.  Still having trouble explaining that to a 13 year old, and praying I won’t have to. My GOD is the great Heart Physician, HE designed this heart for a reason, and HE can also correct it… SO could you all give up some prayers for these situations in my life today. I am so burdened for both.

Thank you for your prayers, and leave me something I can pray for you today. Praises are more than welcomed here..I would love to get some praise on!


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Taking Some Ground, In JESUS name!

This morning was like any other Saturday morning, heading out to get food for hungry growing children!  In the car stereo, was Travis Cottrell~Unashamed Love. Of course, it needed to go UP! LOUDER!  in a matter of moments he escorted me right into the throne room, where I needed to be so desperately. More than I knew.  As Worship just filled my Saturn, the presence of the LORD was strong.  Been wondering lately, how does one love so deeply the LORD, and over time it seems to become natural.  HE is so NOT natural, HE is supernatural, there is no way that we should ever just stop jumping up and down over what HE has done and is doing.

The last few years, we have been through some things that only God can save us from. And save us HE did. But the scars have been deep, and on occasion painfully reminding.  We have come through Immorality/pornography, miscarriages, and a broken family to a whole family. God has moved in ways that are incomprehensible, and still knowing that HE has done these things.  I don’t know what you have been through, but I know when God moves HIS hand and saves you…you just can’t shut up about it! This is where the enemy put me in bondage again…

God moved on my heart to teach women, and I did for several years.  I live in a area where religious Bible teaching is prominent. Once they hear my testimony of where I have been and what Jesus has saved me from, the shots begin.  Some how, the enemy used them to sit me down, to lower my hands in praise, and to believe that I should just be happy that God has brought me into HIS family, but there really is no place among them.  How I tried to become part of one family after another, and the same thing happened again..

After months of no worshipping any where, God lead me Lifes Changed by Christ. Amazing.  Still there has been this darkness lurking around me..part of the legalism that bound me raced through my mind..”there is unrepentant sin..this is as good as it gets,..just be glad you have been saved from hell…no one wants to hear you…”  While pondering these things I have decided….

God will speak to my heart about what is wrong, as long as i keep my heart open to HIM! I did need some repentance, seems that I have been angry with GOD for bringing out of all the abuse in my life to abuse me again in Jesus name…

Then it happened! my worship, my freedom from the legalistic bonds that were trying to suffocate me. HE did not save me from the pit to sit me in the back seat or to allow self righteous people to make me hang my head yet again. NO that is not my GOD, and IN JESUS NAME, I am taking back the ground that my DADDY gave to me..Thank you Jesus for breaking through again and again.. Thank you for Beth Moore who taught me your Truth, and how to look into it my self, and thank you for Travis who taught me how to sing your praises from my heart.


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I will leave a word .. you will find a word for each letter, you will leave a new word for the next person… The twist is…the word left needs to be made up, and the next person will make the acronym to explain the definition. Keep it clean and family friendly..have fun!




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My Offering, Crazy about HIM!

This morning started out in fog, both literally and mentally. Totally driven to pray and pray and pray, and knowing that I will not understand HIS ways, because they truly are not mine. Knowing HE is for me and not against me.  Still things seemed very dark to me and very unsure.  Then it happened, the sun pierced through the fog almost blinding. Incredible! As worship filled my heart, this song rolled off my lips..stuck with me all day, and wondering while praising HIM … how does HE do that?? Crazy about HIM, hope you are too. If not, knowing HIM is to become crazy about HIM! no doubt!  The day turned into the most beautiful day, and it seemed as the fog burned off, the spring colors unfolded, and it was literally a brand new day! 

Paul Baloche-Offering

The sun cannot compare 
The glory of Your love 
There is no shadow in Your presence 
No mortal man would dare 
To stand before Your throne 
Before the Holy One of heaven 
It’s only by your blood 
And its only by your mercy 
Lord, I come 

I bring an offering 
Of worship to my King 
No one on earth deserves 
The praises that I sing 
Jesus may you receive 
The honor that You’re due 
O Lord, I bring an offering to you 
I bring an offering to you


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