This is my word just rolls off my tongue so sweet! Loving some spring weather, and gorgeous sunrise ! Beautiful!!

My quiet time was beautiful!

My coffee was beautiful! 

The song in my heart is beautiful!

My holey sweatshirt that I am wearing is beautiful and cozy!

Jesus is beautiful!!!! 

What HE does in my heart is beautiful!

I am feeling today like I am seriously being romanced with Beauty, and it is beautiful!!!

Life walking in HIS shadow is beautiful, and nothing like it! love me some BEAUTIFUL!!!

Life comes at us fast, and before we know it, we have spent all our energy on the almighty “to do” list.  *sigh*  we missed the beautiful.. today take a second, and ponder on the beauty in your life..I am sure its there, maybe just not noticed lately. Tell me what you think to be beautiful!



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13 responses to “Beautiful!

  1. oldbrusharbors

    Your line, “Life walking in His shadow” really cought my attention. AS ugly as I am, really made me feel beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful writing… God Bless

  2. oldbrusharbors~ in the eyes of your creator, you are magnificiently BEAUTIFUL!! and what it all comes down to is believing HIM and not what the world would have us believe. I think you are BEAUTIFUL too! thanks for stopping and commenting, hope to see you again!

  3. I think you’re BEEEEE-UUU-TEE-FUUUUUL!!!

    Thank you for this. 😉

  4. Beautiful is the spring trying to piece through our still gloomy weather. There is life on the other side of death!

  5. oldbrusharbors

    Thank you sooo much Darla.. I will be visiting your site often, I have placed you in my blog roll God Bless

  6. I agree with Michelle 🙂

  7. This is a little scary! My post on the 26th was titled “beautiful” however I am referring to me! LOL


    Shelly- girl I just love you to pieces!! I love that thought!!!! i think every spring how much it is a picture of rebirth, and my my my what a vision of loveliness is waiting for us on the other side!! AMEN!! Life after death~ BEAUTIFUL!!

    Bajan- praying some beauty your way! 🙂

    oldbrusharbors- welcome, i will also put you on my blogroll thanks !!

    Papa! did you give me this idea? i thought it was God! 😯 love you

  9. Beautiful is the perfect word to describe today. Actually any day I can get out of bed with only minor aches and pains is off to a beautiful start. 🙂

    The Sun has come out to play with the waves rolling in over the beach. The song of the birds is truly the music of nature. I expect to see my favorite bird soon, the yellow, polka dot, bikini. 🙂

    I feel lucky to have reached that point in life, being retired from work, where I have the time to enjoy this beauty as much as I want.

    When I am unable to see the beauty in all life I will now I am dead, in spirit if not in body.

  10. Completely beautiful 🙂

  11. Love this Darla, made me smile today :), so happy for you that you’re seeing beauty all around you. Lots of love xo

  12. Darla, this is great! What an uplifting post.

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