Question time!

You leave a question you want to know about me, or in general.  I will try to answer them, honestly. Or if they are in general, if I don’t know them, I will come up with something!  🙂  

remember i have children so keep it clean..


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8 responses to “Question time!

  1. Hi Darla.

    My question is:

    When you think of your life 5 years from now (2014) what do you see?

    Have a good weekend!

  2. @ngie=in five years i am thinking i will be in some kind of street ministry, or involved with homeless/ rehabs..looking now to see where the LORD is sending me..some very awesome things are happening in the streets, needing direction to see where to join in..

  3. What, not living in Australia? After the citizenship ceremony? 🙂

  4. David! 😆 that was the funniest thing i watched in a long time..and still i am sure i could become a citzen of Australia without reservation! you should come back and leave a comment with the link so my readers can check it out! too funny!!

  5. tam

    what is your biggest accomplishment?

  6. biggest accomplishment..mmmmmmm

    i was hurt on my job, and had no income, needed to get welfare to support me and my oldest daughter(2), lost everything, my home, my car, and couldn’t even lift her due to the back injury i had, ended up with my mom. 6 months of physical therapy to straighten out my back, and decided that welfare was not for me.

    Went to Palmer Business School, took out a loan and completed a 2 year course in Economics/pc in 6 months, got a job as an office manager, and back in a home of my own, car, taking care of my one year. It was the hardest thing i ever did, and had 0 social life, and the little waking time I did have, I spent with my daughter. It was hard , she was so worth it!

  7. tam

    id say that is a HUGE accomplishment. and a rarity, really. i applaud you darla! my mom was the same way…she did not want to get trapped in the system. she was a hard worker, like you.

    i tip my hat or respect to you, Princess 😉

    love you!!!

  8. thanks! you are precious to me! I figured your mama had some hard times too, it shows in your kind girls have that same quality…its because they know the otherside of life is hard, but we always make it.. that is God, we just didn’t know it then! love you!

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