50 Random things about me…

I was tagged in a note on Facebook by my friend/sister Brandy for 50 random things about me.. So here we go…

1.  i sleep with a body pillow and a stuffed panda bear when hubs is not home.

2.  is i don’t spend time with God in the morning, you will not be able to stand me all day (i can’t even stand myself)

3.  i make dog food for my huskey who is neurotic (but she is getting old, and i am trying to give her life without zombitizing her)

4.  my kids are the world to me, mess with them, i will seriously show you a side that i wish were dead, but not!

5.  i love asparagus with cheese 

6. i hate canned vegetables..oooo soo mushy..yuk!

7. no buttermilk for me

8.  love to make the yard look pretty 

9. love hanging on the deck 

10.  feed my dogs at 4:30 in the morning due to their internal clocks, not a pretty sight

11.  love to read, but like to be left alone while i do it.

12.  the beach is my favorite place (especially at night)

13.  yes, i use splenda, and i heard its bad for me (isn’t life in general bad for me?)

14.  i don’t scare easy

15.  at times i have a temper (God is working on that, and again that depends on #2)

16.  my bedroom is the last room to get cleaned (and sometimes its weeks before i get to it)

17.  since hubs been driving a truck, my bed gets made more often(isn’t that strange)

18. coffee is a love close to my heart, frenchroast mixed with Italian roast, whole bean (thinking i really need  want a french press)

19.  drive a saturn vue, boring white, good price, i am easy like that

20.  at times, my personality is very quiet and reserved (people generally think something is wrong, but really i like it sometimes)

21.  i don’t  believe that everytime something happens that is a negative means that you have unconfessed sin in your life…that thinking really unnerves me!

22. my hubs is the hottest thing i ever seen!! 

23.  love spending time with my man ( i grab it every chance i get)

24.  love my internet time (although it has been limited lately)

25. studying on my own the Holy Spirit (my friends are shopping and doing what seems fun to them, am i turning into a nerd?)

26. raised in the city, and its true that you can take the girl out of the city, but never the city out of the girl.

27. i get major upset when people who do not do like with one, will have the nerve to judge them..just gets me rolling everytime!

28. love Panera soup and bread bowls…(they have decent coffee too)

29. the olive garden is my favorite (never can eat all my food, so it means leftovers for another day!)

30.  i eat leftovers! (just taught that way..waste not want not)

31.  sometimes i fight with guilt, because I just can’t be everywhere at once, and i want to. hahaha

32. i drive a school bus and i like it (that is rare at my work, i am freaky to them)

33. i am a freak for Jesus and i can not stop it..supernatural!

34. some of my dearest friends i have never met or they live in a different place in the world..but my dearest friends all the same!

35.  allergies- to life! well mostly  ..my pets, mold, pollen, dust, …like i said life!

36. i take meds daily to breathe

37. love cranberry rasberry juice

38. Slushies are my favorite food group!

39. Oreos with anything is a meal.

40.  my blogging family is truly my family, and i will stand up for them, regardless of who don’t get it..no shame on my part!

41.  i often wonder why Adam named some thing he did..like WHAT was he thinking when he named Zebra..really? i totally get Anteater..

42.  little kids are the best..they totally rock! with all that innocence and honesty!

43.  i hate to wear dresses..

44.  love earrings, but hate the cheesy looking ones..definitely old hippie tendancies.. i have them, but not the kind that turn you colors..no

45.  my cat yells at me all the time, wonder what she is telling me, or shouting at me, dang! she only knows one word!

46. Have two daughters and a son..daughters are easier when little, but the boy is definitely easier so far in the teen years! 

47.  believe honesty is a dying virtue, and i feel the need to fight for it at times.

48. forgiveness is the toughest of all the things GOD tells me to do, but the most blessed one!  go figure  HIS ways are higher than mine

49.  I don’t think God gives a hoot what you wear to church, as long as you are respectable to HIM.  

50.  believe God sees everyone naked anyway!! clothes was HIS idea for man to stop turning red with enbarrassment over something made incredible!


By the way..you all are tagged to make a note somewhere.either on Face book, or on your blog.  and for real…am i not boring and lame!?!?! and the worst part, it doesn’t bother me …lol



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10 responses to “50 Random things about me…

  1. spookwright

    ugh. i don’t know i have 50 things to say. but will try.

  2. I get you.

    You make sense to me. 😉

  3. Oh, yeah…cool new look. Very stream-lined.

  4. I like the new look too (not that I saw the old one for that long…haha)

    And I already did the 25 things meme thingy (as a song too I might add), so I don’t think I’ll be trying to come up with 50!

  5. Michelle- this is sort of what i want, but still not quite it! I am thinking this summer i am going to break out of WP and buy my own page..well not that I am that smart, but I will hire Russ Hutto to set it all up, he does awesome work and he is part of OurCC.

    David- hahaha it took me a few weeks to come up with this..thinking if anyone tags me again I will just refer them to this post..done for my life time!

  6. I Love Asparagus!! especially with cheese!!

  7. hey darla that was an intresting read! I must try asparagus and cheese..oh wait is that together or separate?? lol

  8. Hey Darla, Sister! Hugs… 🙂

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse of you.

    Love asparagus too!

    And I so love spending time with the internet… but like you, it has been limited lately. Need to get some things done. 😦

    You take care, okee?! 🙂

  9. Papa- mmmmm fresh asparagus with hot cheese sauce..and its good for me..go figure..I love it..we are going to have to get some when i see you!!

    Rehanna…together yes! you melt the cheese , steam the asparagus, and pour the cheese over the top! mmmmmm yummy!

    Sherma!!!!- i understand having to get some things done..and limited time, but I do miss you! i will try to get to your blog today…are you still posting?? love you brainster!

  10. This was nice to get to know you a bit.

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