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Does God care? really?

I Peter 5:7  Cast all your cares on HIM, because HE cares for you.

In my humanness, I have spent endless hours reading and learning  and just wanting to know how to “Cast my cares on HIM”. Don’t get me wrong, the time has not been wasted. 

While walking day in and day out in a broken cursed world, it becomes discouraging at times, people generally do not care, and the church is not exempt in that.  It seems we pick and choose what we will care about, and we discard the rest.  My conversation with the LORD lately has been along the lines that I am bombarded with people who do not care about what is surrounding them, and they care even less for me.  I am the kind of person that generally that rolls off me, and I soon become very uncaring too. Or maybe immune to it.  I have certainly seen alot more uncaring in my life than genuine concern or just gentle caring.  

Our GOD is faithful! While studying, and conversing with HIM about how badly I tend to feel walking through this world, I really want HIM to change my heart and my “want to”, to just line up more with HIS.  It was important that I looked at “why” the feelings even stir in me that seem to drive me.  And it all came down to..”They don’t care about me”.  The Holy Spirit, whom I am studying more about, guided me to I Peter 5:7.  My heart sank, and I automatically went in the direction to cast my cares on HIM…still must be doing that wrong.. NO…HE showed me how we stop there, and miss the biggest part of that verse..”because HE cares for us”.

Repeat that over and over in your heart today, it will shine a new light on you, it will give you strength to push ahead, and it fills us with HIS love and care, enough to endure the world around us.  Our Creator, our KING, our Daddy, HE CARES FOR US..HE CARES!



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