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Today, i am wanting to just hear encouragement..What is God doing in your life?  What one thing has happened today to just show that HE cares for you? (even if you just have the pleasure of eating today, remember that many around the world will not eat that is a blessing and a wonderful thing that shows HIS provision for you).



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8 responses to “Share encourgement

  1. I helped a member of my church today – she was going to get her electricity bill cut off and called me in a panic… it was an awesome privilege to give her the majority of the money for her bill! God is awesome – it just made my day to see her gratitude!

    He showed me that he is able to provide for MY needs too, just like I helped her out!

  2. PeregrinJoe

    We have been struggling with my youngest son in several areas. This last week, he has made a complete turn around in his character. He is like a different kid! It is obviously the Lord’s work in his life. I am so thankful for that.

  3. He so cares about my heart. He cares about what I think and He takes care of the helpless and alone feelings I go through. I could not live without Him in my life.

  4. Darla…how appropriate this post today! The report on my wounded leg? FORTY percent improvement!!!!!

    Yeshua is my Healer!

    I can see Light…..!

    Bless you, Darla, and multiplied thanks for your prayers! They are mighty in God!

  5. God is awesome! HE certainly does hear our prayers and HE does answer.

    Pasturescott- woohoooo!!! that is huge!! Thanking God right now for HIS healing touch on you. OH how HE loves you!!!
    Tanya-HE does care..HE has been showing me that too the last few days, that HE not only wants us to give HIM our cares, but HE cares for us! how sweet that is, and no one can care as much for us as HIM. Praise GOD, our Abba, HE never takes HIS eyes off of us!

    Joe- I also pray for my children, and continually give HIM my son, to pull his heart into HIS, and last week my son gave a testimonial in church to how real God has become to HIM..i know your joy!!! when you see HIS hand moving on the ones you hold dearly.. God is so good!

    Bajanpoet- there is no joy like the joy when we get to be HIS hands and feet to another! Serving in the worlds eyes is work, but we know that serving our King is what we were made for, and there is nothing like knowing that we are doing it! HE does provide, and when we help the least of these, HE pours it back over and over..amazing God!

  6. Grace Grace.. God’s Grace. That is my praise for the past 3 days. The ever presence of his Grace that gives me strength to endure when I do not want to endure.

  7. my heart is singing… This is the song of the redeemed singing Hallelujah..Our GOD is faithful… yep. mixed with a little Glory to God / how great is our GOD..sho enuff!!! We BACK!!! ♥

  8. I’m headed into a stormy season, but I have such a KNOWING that God is with me – I can feel Him sheltering me and protecting me; telling me everything’s going to be all right. It’s like those rare times when the sun is shining while the rain is falling. So I thank God for the sun.

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