Do you Twitter?

If you do Twitter, when asked why? How do you answer that?  I have some trouble at times coming up with an answer, in the time frame that is allowed (while passing) to explain, so generally I don’t.

I came a cross a post while twittering that is exceptional (in my opinion) as to why a Christ Follower would twitter.  Go here and read this Twitter a simple explanation.

I am encouraged daily on Twitter.  I can choose who I follow, and who follows me.  I also get the chance to live life in real time with other followers, who are just doing life, no masks, just people.  I love that! It also helps me to stay close to people I love who are far from me. Its really up to you how much time you spend there, so if you spend your entire day there, don’t blame Twitter!   😉

Love to hear your thoughts!…pro or con..



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18 responses to “Do you Twitter?

  1. For me, living in Germany, many moons away from anyone or anything I know, Twitter is home.
    I can reach the people that I wouldn’t be able to without it and can be inspired by some great minds.
    Twitter is definitely a global outreach, divinely created, to reach the masses.
    For me anyway :-).

  2. When asked why I twitter, I usually respond like this:

    Because I want to.


    If I get funny looks, I then go on to explain about networking and connection and microblogging and internet blah blah blah blah blah.

    Ultimately it boils down to connection.

  3. P.S. Hey, I noticed on your blogroll, that my site is still listed as…

    I moved about a month ago to YAY!

  4. Nope – don’t twitter. MY blog and facebook Page keeps me goIng. one finger typing has its limits.

  5. Brian

    I do not think anything is wrong with twitter as long as it does not take away from your walk with God.

    I have chosen not to twitter or use facebook or any social networking site. I am old school.

    I do read a blog here and there, but I have chosen to keep my plate empty to have time for people in my community that need help face to face versus online.

    I personally feel face to face action with others is where I am led to use my time, however, I see others doing great things in social networks online.


  6. Wow, what an explanation!

    I don’t Twitter. I don’t feel like it’s something for me because 1) I can rarely think of anything of note going on in my life, 2) I’m very long winded and 160 characters would do me in, and 3) I have enough computer addiction without adding to it. And I don’t have a blackberry.

    That’s me.

    Love YOU!!!!

  7. I get a twitter all over my body when someone talks about the goodness of the Lord in their life.
    Otherwise, I don’t twitter.

  8. I don’t twitter. And I disabled my Facebook account. All for the same reason. It takes me away from what I need to be doing here.

    My energy is quite limited and I find I have an addictive personality. I also can’t think of things to say without lots of space (a bit like Annie in that realm)…so…

    Blogging is more than enough for me.

    I knew something was taking you away from Blogland. 😛

    Miss you. Love you.
    Have fun twittering!!! 😉

  9. PeregrinJoe

    I personally do not Twitter because it just seems to be one more thing I have to keep up with that will further complicate my life.

  10. Toby- i hear you..i have friends all over the globe, and this keeps me in tune with them, and actually takes very little time, if I hangout there long then thats my bad 😳

    Russ- “because I want to” 😆 that is my normal answer to most things! and I fixed your link.

    Papa- i understand your reasons, and love you very much!!!!

    Brian- absolutely it can keep one from interacting with people close by, keeping my eye on that. Always love your comments!

    Annie – girl as busy as you are I am not surprised that you don’t twitter, but I do think your tweets would be very interesting!! I would follow!

    Dale- so you have alittle natural twittering going on 😉

    Michelle- twittering doesn’t require much time, so that is not taking me away from blogging…however, blogging requires much time, and these days I just have to choose day to day, my priorities..sad but somedays blogging has to take my back seat..but I seriously miss it when I can’t get to it!

    Joe- hey my friend! good to see you here!! Twittering has not complicated anything at this stage in my life, more sort of keeping a line of communication open with other friends and believers…its really cool to just tweet..I need prayer today..and know that its happening. no big deal. I am no big twitterer, but what i have in a small amount is good. thanks again for stopping and commenting..been enjoying your blog!

  11. I started with a blog, but I find twitter much easier because it’s a short post.

    Twitter is now my favorite online social network because it is so easy keep up with friends.

  12. ED- i agree! much easier to keep up with friends, although I haven’t been on very much lately, I love the DM feature quick and easy! love ya, and glad to hear from you!

  13. No I don’t but I’m hearing so much about it these days, I’m thinking I better hop on the train. Twitter. Fun to say, not sure what it is. Your recommendation is high props, sister!

  14. tam

    im with you here sis. i love being totally me on twitter. and knowing that i am safe with the people i choose to follow or follow me…to see me.

    im so glad youre a twit too!


  15. I TWITTER!! But not too sure I know how… I try to “follow” peeps but then it wears my cell phone out….so I use the application “Twhirl” (desktop for twitter) and then I twitter from that, but no one ever twitters back to me, so I think I must not be doing something right….OR maybe they just don’t want to twitter w/me… hahahha….. my FB keeps me plenty busy!

  16. OCD- hahaha I can’t find you on twitter, so find me. dohdarla search that and you will find me, I will talk to you! hahaha

    Tam- i love being a twit! thanks ! love it! and love to tweet with your kiddos..too much fun!

  17. Well I wasn’t into it, but u and Tam convinced me. Now let’s see where I go with it!

  18. OK.
    u & tam have forced my hand. I’m in. will it simply add to my blog-clog?

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