Praise is not an Option

Praise the Lord, O my soul!  sounds easy enough, lately it has been more instructional for me to tell my soul this than to think it will just happen.  Living and learning!

Offering praise to God is not optional, whether or not we choose to do it, does not take from who HE is in the least. But it might get us corrected. OUCH! i hate when that happens!  

Wondering why we think praising HIM is any different than what we expect from our children?  It really does not matter to me what attutute is flying around my table, but they best be considerate to each other, and if they came to the table, they best brought some manners too.  

The last few days my choice is to thank HIM for all the good in my life, not focusing on the negative, but remembering that there is good I know nothing about as well!  Whether or not I am struggling with anything..HE is still GOD, and HE is still the Creator, and sustainer.  OOOOOOOO that hit a nerve! yes, it certainly did.  

Since this choice has taken place, everything looks brighter, my heart is lighter, and praise is no longer being chosen, its flowing…don’t take my word for it..check it out for yourself.  😉

(FYI-Philter48 will have a live chat again tomorrow night -thursday the 12th, at 8:15 pm eastern time..hope to get to chat with you there)



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12 responses to “Praise is not an Option

  1. Amazing the difference praise makes. It’s just as hard for me to remember too.

  2. I love to read Psalm 136 responsively with my wife. There’s just something special about that even though it’s somewhat repetitive. Giving Him praise is so uplifting.

  3. I will lift my eyes to the hills from where my Help comes…

    Praise is not an option. Amen!
    I choose look to Him today…it gets easier once the choice is made.

    Thanks for the reminder, Darla.

  4. Isn’t it neat to see how the Holy Spirit leads us to be conformed to the Word?

    {Hebrews 13:15 ESV} – Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name.

    {Philippians 4:4 ESV} – Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.
    {1 Thessalonians 5:16 ESV} – Rejoice always,

    {1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV} – give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

  5. Annie- I think its a human thing to just dwell on our hurts, and praise does not come naturally at least not at first. In my brokenness, Praise has been a choice, but really the only choice. you are so sweet, love you!

    Jerald-that is a very good idea..I know the more I praise the more I want to praise, and the more crazy about HIM I become.

    Michelle- glad i could remind you 😉 don’t be shy in reminding me, i usually need it!

    Dale- the more I study the Holy Spirit, the more I am amazed at what a precious gift HE is.

  6. I have found that the more I praise the less trouble I get into especially with my mouth. Mama says I need to do more praising! 😯

  7. There is an old children ‘s hymn

    Praise Him, Praise Him
    Praise Him in the Morning
    Praise Him in the Noon Time
    Praise Him Praise Him
    Praise Him tell the Sun goes down.

    God reveals his Glory in all his creation so that no man will be without excuse. What is not to praise about that?

    Peace and love sis…See you tonight hopefully.

  8. Carl, I am still trying to get the TokBox to work…it all seems fine, but it freezes up my Safari..mmmmm i will be there one way or another..

  9. TheNorEaster

    Is it Friday yet…? 😕

  10. tam

    this is one of the reasons why i have praise music playing almost all day long while im at home alone. it keeps my focus on the positive.

    now. the whole negative versus positive focus for me is something i have to work on daily. i think im more of a positive person, but occasionally when something negative comes up (like today) i dwell on it. and that takes my focus off of Him and His goodness. then i get mad that i allowed that to happen and then well, you know how it goes from there.

    thanks for kick in the rear here darla!

    love you sis!

  11. When we were kids playing Nintendo my mom would mute the TV and crank up the praise music. We got to play, but at the same time our spirits were being edified.

  12. Amen! It really is a choice! 🙂 Love you, Princess!

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