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Praise is not an Option

Praise the Lord, O my soul!  sounds easy enough, lately it has been more instructional for me to tell my soul this than to think it will just happen.  Living and learning!

Offering praise to God is not optional, whether or not we choose to do it, does not take from who HE is in the least. But it might get us corrected. OUCH! i hate when that happens!  

Wondering why we think praising HIM is any different than what we expect from our children?  It really does not matter to me what attutute is flying around my table, but they best be considerate to each other, and if they came to the table, they best brought some manners too.  

The last few days my choice is to thank HIM for all the good in my life, not focusing on the negative, but remembering that there is good I know nothing about as well!  Whether or not I am struggling with anything..HE is still GOD, and HE is still the Creator, and sustainer.  OOOOOOOO that hit a nerve! yes, it certainly did.  

Since this choice has taken place, everything looks brighter, my heart is lighter, and praise is no longer being chosen, its flowing…don’t take my word for it..check it out for yourself.  😉

(FYI-Philter48 will have a live chat again tomorrow night -thursday the 12th, at 8:15 pm eastern time..hope to get to chat with you there)



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