Another day on the bus

This is a few of the conversations I had today on the bus..

Little Girl (7)-Miss Darla, when you were gone we had a man and he was stinky.

Me- I am sure he was trying to do everything well , for you, maybe you can cut him a break.

Little Girl (7) – no, he did stink, he passed gas the whole time.  😯


Little boy (5)- I missed you. I told the other driver  I sit in this seat and he said okay, so is that okay?

Me- sit your own seat, don’t lie to the other driver, he believed you.

Little boy (5) – I know that was so cool!

Little Girl (6) – Miss Darla, do you think you will have time to clean the bus today? Its dreadful in here! 🙂 i just learned that word.

Me- I will try.

My son- I can’t go to school I am sick.

Me- okay

(got home a few hours later, the house smells amazing like someone cooking breakfast…find the son..eating a huge breakfast that he cooked..)

Me- are you sick?

Son- I have no idea why I am home, so I thought I would make some food.. 

Me- hit the shower…school soon!


I really do love my job, and I really love my son…today feels a little like the twilight zone…oh well, someone has to do it!



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11 responses to “Another day on the bus

  1. RE: Little boy (5):
    My guess is that the lie he told the substitute driver put him closer to the driver’s seat. right?
    he just wanted to be close to your presence as best he could.
    I’m only guessing, but if I were that boy, that is probably what I would have done, because you are loved.

  2. I love spending “the day with Darla”.

    LOve you –


  3. Good news to hear you are back in the seat. You are a blessing to these kiddo’s. It is great that they miss you.

    Peace and love sis.

  4. You are such a great person. I love the way that you value each person; even the least of these. Thanks for the grins.

  5. Miss Darla 🙂 I think reading on the bus with you is an important part of these kid’s education.

  6. As I always say – I LOVE your bus stories. 🙂

  7. PeregrinJoe

    I love it! Sounds like my kids at that age.

  8. TheNorEaster

    Little Boy (At Heart): Do they serve Root Beer at Happy Hour?

  9. Little Boy (at heart)-of course!!!!!

  10. Hi darla! Thanks for sharing your bus stories. They made me smile! 🙂

    How are you?

  11. I miss SHERMA! love you princess!

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