Worship with me-Start with Honesty







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4 responses to “Worship with me-Start with Honesty

  1. Love the Rush of Fools song, almost as much as this lazy day with you 😉

  2. loving it too! and loving you. Thanking God for HIS faithfulness, HIS love, and guidance, resting in the fact that HE knows, understands, and has a plan…and you know…Its going to be good!!

  3. He does have a plan…feels like walls are closing in…I won’t trust in my feelings…I’ll believe what is real…He is surrounding me…

    I’ll keep waiting and walk in obedience.

    Thanks you, Darla.

  4. DEb

    I TOTALLY get this…. the EXACT same thing happened to me (minus a husband and children, but a boyfriend) and I KNOW what kind of joy/love that I felt at that exact moment. This totally brought tears to my eyes as I felt HIM…… all over again…..


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