Saturday! love it

Of course I love weekends, although they are full of things to do and get done..they are always much more relaxed than a weekday.  I know profound, huh?  My man is home on the weekends so that is my highlight! I love sleeping in, slow coffee, cooking something awesome for dinner (weekdays are quick meals). Today I got a new phone! Tonight I get to see and hear my man play his guitar (which seems like forever since I did this), and get to hang out with my kids!  (this post is because Dale told me nicely that friday was over…love him)

Do you have plans? 

What is your favorite thing about Saturdays?



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7 responses to “Saturday! love it

  1. MY post today explains how I finished yesterdays project! Heh HeH!

  2. Plans today? I cleaned a bit…felt great. Tonight we’re going out with my brother and his wife while my kids babysit their kids. We’re going to see “Benjamin Button.” LOVE Brad Pitt…well, as an actor…

  3. I don’t think I have a regular Saturday schedule anymore, but growing up Saturday was waffle day! I learned to make the waffle batter as a young boy – maybe 5 or 6. I would wake up first at my house, make the batter, and then my Mom would handle the waffle iron. When I was older I could do the whole thing.

    We didn’t have waffles today – too busy. Sad.

    I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons, too. Seems they don’t have any decent Saturday morning cartoons anymore – nor does it seem that tradition even exists anymore. I miss Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo,Fat Albert, “In the News”, and Schoolhouse Rock. That also makes me sad.

    We did have some fun today, though. We went to our niece and her husband’s house and had a mini-Star Trek (the original series) marathon. Now that was fun.

  4. Favorite part … hm …. my Saturdays are pretty tiring. I like going to Hebrew class, although I am usually worn out on both sides of it. I would have to say Hebrew class, though.

  5. Drew and I usually cuddle on Saturday mornings. We are lazy and spoiled and don’t wanna get out of the bed! 🙂

  6. tam

    i LOVE sleeping in on saturdays! its the one day a week i get to.

    i “used” to love brent bringing me a coffee. but that will be no more.

    but favorite part is going to church. everything about it makes my heart smile! its home.

  7. Hi Darla 🙂

    I love Saturdays because there are zero expectations for accomplishment of any sort.

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