Have you ever thought you could just finish another persons sentence? well here is your chance..

New game, this is how it goes…

I will start you with a sentence and not finish it, 

you will finish my thought, 

then start the next one.

it will look like this:

 I was thinking today about___________.

(next person) hair removal systems.  Some how I am not sure if _________.

Okay lets get started…

Reading the blogs today, I saw a scary pic of ____________.




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  1. Reading the blogs today, I saw a scary pic of someone pushing a wheelbarrow of cash out of a bank.
    Before I could read the story, the sound of…………….

  2. my trash cans blowing away caught my attention.
    Started out the door and then______________.

  3. (do you really want me to play this one… So many ideas..)

    remembered I forgot feed the turtle.
    I went back inside only to_____________

  4. find the dishes from last night still in the sink.

    I began washing when________

  5. someone tossed a opossum through the kitchen window.

    Reaching down, I __________

  6. found the the piece of pie I dropped at Christmas.
    I quickly______

  7. shoved the stale pie in front of the hungry animal.
    But, just then the ____________________

  8. he hissed at me.
    Jogging my memory that ___________________

  9. I was supposed to turn off the kettle.
    By the time I got to the stove_____________

  10. it was time to watch the People Court.
    So, I turned off the kettle___________

  11. PeregrinJoe

    and the oppossum and I sat down to watch.

    Just then my spouse______________

  12. twittered that she was on her way home.
    Just a couple things I must hurry to do , like_______________

  13. buy ‘possum food and gas the car.
    I twittered back that_____________

  14. i am trying to get her to do list done.
    Knowing that she will get home and _______________.

  15. wonder why I found time to play with the ‘possum.
    There’s no way she would believe that ____________

  16. i have been busy, doing nothing.
    I ‘d better just ______________.

  17. PeregrinJoe

    turn off the tv and get the ‘possum to help me finish my chores.

    Just as I reach for the remote _____________

  18. a little blue man crawled out of the floor board.
    He started to ___________________.

  19. talk with the possum.
    He was telling him it was time___________

  20. to help whip this house in shape.
    “you how she gets when________________.”

  21. the polka dancers aren’t put away.
    How about you grab______________

  22. when the polka dancers arent put away.
    Why don you go grab________________

  23. (Ack .. I think I am going to SPam..)

  24. the polka dancers aren’t put away before she gets her.

    Why don’t you go grab_____________________

  25. all I’ve done all day is fight SPAM. (just finished an article on SPAM at
    All she ever does is __________

  26. dance the polka and play Parcheesi.

    While I stay home to take____________

  27. PeregrinJoe

    (Okay we kind of derailed there, so to get us back on track…)

    the chores aren’t done around here.

    “Quick, you grab the ________________

  28. jar of peanut butter.

    I will run and grab the__________

  29. PeregrinJoe


    and we can get started on the ____________

  30. ‘possum.
    Then we can ____

  31. eat peanutbutter with our fingers.
    The sledgehammer is for______________.

  32. cleaning up the dirty dishes.

    After smashing all _____________

  33. glasses first,
    taking out the trash will be tricky.
    Calling for Thing 1 and Thing 2 to ____________________

  34. party like it was 1999.

    I decided we had to wear_________

  35. disposable clothing.
    Making more laundry could be ________________.

  36. totally time-wasting.
    Therefore, we should dispose of____________

  37. clothing entirely.

    Being naked, I suddenly realized that the opossum was not dead but staring at my____________

  38. earlobe.

    Feeling vulnerable, I put my clothes back on and ____________.

  39. screamed.
    She will be here in less than_____________________/

  40. (Christian-hahahahaha)

  41. Ahh! Yes. What a treat to wake up to this comedy and camaraderie. Great finish, guys.

  42. Dale- does that mean I need to add another post quick? maybe later…you are right, this is great! and I love you guys!! just what I needed, the LORD always knows..Amazing!

  43. tam


    i missed this.

    this blogging break is NOT workin for me.


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