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Being part of this group is a great encouragement and accountability. My commitment is to study the Word 1 hour a day X 5 days a week. Along with that keeping notes, and preparing to write a study on the Holy Spirit.  So this is a learning time for me as well. Its not too late to become part of this group, so please go read, check out the other blogs listed, and stand in awe…God is on the move, and we are learning to use the gifts that HE has given to us.  

In the study time this last three weeks, being overwhelmed is an understatement!  Not only is time an issue, but the things the LORD is showing me are huge. Maybe not to everyone, but to me. And that causes me to be able to know and believe HIM so much more. That is an answer to my prayer.

Just an example of what I am looking at…

The Holy Spirit is mentioned in the Gensis 1:2, showing me that HE was there at the time of creation. As the Bible moves, the Spirit of God was always a gift to man, when God’s plan needed another step fulfilled.  These people are aware that God has put HIS Spirit on them. They know that their accomplishments are not their own. Upon grieving the Spirit, HE is removed.  They beg for HIM to stay. The Spirit is the presence of God(Psalm 51:11/Isaiah 63:10). But in the Old Testament, the Spirit does not live in them, and the redeemer of our sin hasn’t walked that walk to the cross, HE can not stay with man.

Definitely fits all that Jesus said HE would( John 14:26).  One difference, a believer today has HIM within our self(Romans 8:9). Jesus paid the price for the sin we did and will do, in order for the Father to look at us through the blood of Jesus.  HE is not leaving the believer.  We are sealed with HIM.

The Spirit of GOd was a gift from the Father in the Old Testament and is still a gift. The saddest thing that I am finding is; Then they had no way of not grieving the Spirit, and today we do. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean much to most people.  The Gift is not celebrated, and if we don’t sense HIM for days, we are sure HE will comeback..and yes, with repentance we will again hear HIM…but so much we are missing in this life by not knowing HIM, not knowing what an awesome Gift HE is!

(using the BLB and also the ESV study bible, and the NASB)



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13 responses to “OCC- study update- Holy Spirit

  1. Great going Darla!

    Not sure why you’re image isn’t showing up.

  2. I could just stop my journaling and come here to learn! :-).
    Ok, so I’m not gonna go that far, but it’s awesome to someone with a goal like yours. I don’t know you, but it gives me a sense of pride, knowing I connect with a community of believers so strong in their faith.

  3. Thanx Russ, i am going to keep working on it or ask Inworship, I am sure with some more effort, I can get it to post to the side bar.

    Toby- thanks! don’t know you either, but you are my brother in Christ! Thanks for the much needed encouragement today. I am really enjoying the OCC, and hope to get all on my blog roll soon. stop and visit me again!

  4. I’m not the most tech-savvy either – but i do like solving problems and have a little experience in the area. The image won’t show unless you have it saved to your wordpress directory and insert the image into the post or post the ‘full’ link: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3445/3237032340_f58bcf6ef1.jpg?v=0 with the correct img src

    if you log in and pull up ‘My dashboard’, click on the ‘appearance’ tab on the left of screen and then click on ‘widgets’ and click on the ‘text’ box widget to add one to your sidebar, then click on that new sidebar textbox where it says ‘edit’ and cut and paste this html in:

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    you can place the textbox wherever you like in the sidebar by clicking and dragging it in position from the ‘widget’ menu where you were able to edit the text box.

    Simple! 🙂

    It took me about 4 hours to figure this out on my blog! 😉

    it takes about 4 minutes to post it when you follow the instructions 🙂


  5. My last comment probably went to ‘spam’ or to be ‘moderated’ 😉

    you only need rescue it if you think it can help others 🙂 ( and help you too of course 🙂


  6. 🙂 love you Love!! thanks..I will be trying it again later today..

  7. That is so great Darla that you’re doing so much study and that God is revealing so much to you.

    What an incredible thing that the Holy Spirit comes and lives in us, Romans 8:9, as you mention here. God indwelling us, so amazing.

    Lots of love to you, hope you’re well.

  8. Darla, I went to group link, clicked on your name and got Heidi. ????????

  9. I’ve been hearing lately, that grieving the HS might be linked with honor, a concept Americans have little aquaintance with. I’m becoming more and more aware of ways we dishonor through the spoken word, and actions. Something I’ve begun to look into. It definitely connects with our walk with God, through Jesus’s sacrifice and gift, and with the Spirit working in and through us.

  10. Hm. Gracie’s insight interests me. i was thinking just recently (somewhat off topic, and somewhat not) of perhaps asking a committed Jew sometime if there were stories in Judaism about the Spirit being poured out upon as happened in the Book … since it was written. I’ve not heard of stories, but of course that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I would think they did, because our God changes not. And I wonder … knowing what it’s like for the Holy Spirit to fill … what is the difference to the person? Does it feel different? Or is the manifest presence of the Lord very similar both ways – and the constant indwelling, leading and guiding of the Spirit is the main identifying difference.

    anyway. That’s what I was thinking.

  11. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  12. Hmmmm…. seems my html code to post the Our Creative Community logo got ‘eaten’ by wordpress??.. tricky!

    If anyone wants the method and code leave a comment at my blog and i’ll email it to you.

    Sorry, Best i can think of?


  13. Hi Darla

    I’m excited about what you’re doing and will be stopping in to catch up now and again. Our church are doing 21 weeks of preaching about the Holy Spirit and it’s a big shift for them from God the Father, God the Son and Who?

    Well done. Keep up the great work.

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