I may be as dense as the fog…

Since coming to the LORD, and asking HIM to shake it all out, turn it upside down, and create in me a clean heart…life has drastically changed.  About the time my complacency sets in, everything turns upside down again.. Postitve that is a prayer HE will honor.

Over the past few years, HE has been showing me how much I am in HIS hand, and how very safe I am.  Its a wonderful thing to just know, that nothing or no one can take me from HIS hand.

Today, our temps were above freezing, but very dense fog..little did I know that the road temp was still freezing. So the fog was acting like freezing rain where ever it was dense.  My first time around a sharp bend it was not frozen, the second time, the bus slid sideways, and I saw the telephone pole, and although I would like to take credit for the smooth driving back to safety, I can’t. It was not manuverable in a full size bus that doesn’t bend in the middle.  This happened right after another bus driver hit my mirror with his, and the noise was so loud, and the mirror is in tact, not even a scratch.  

This is the third time that I had an experience that was life threatening in a vehicle, and my peace was in tact, and left the scene wondering what just happened.  The third time that I heard his small voice aftewards, “No one can take you out of my hand, I am big enough, I am strong enough, is that enough for you?” 

Whoa! praying that I got it that time, and that it resonates in every little crevice of my heart, and mind.  God has a plan, and I don’t know it, but I do know that HE can take care of me, and HE knows the way. I love HIM so!  Life is not do-able for me without HIM.

Thank you to all those who pray me through each day. (my philippians study will be up later this evening..just had to share 🙂  )



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9 responses to “I may be as dense as the fog…

  1. God love you!!! That is the peace that passes understanding. We don’t understand, we just know and sense it. love you

  2. When the bus won’t bend in the middle, but does so anyway; or whatever it did or not do–the question is:
    “Did you see them angels?!?”
    God does indeed watch over His chosen ones.

  3. Gracie and Dale, again I didn’t see the angels, but I know they were there and strength that blows me away!

  4. Wow – awesome story, Darls! Praise the Lord! I love it when He takes time to especially show us how much He loves US. We know He loves the next guy … but when we hear His voice of love for US … well, I know it blows ME away.

  5. Praising Him with you…

  6. Love that you see His hand of protection on you… Praise God that you are safe.

    Peace and love sis

  7. Annie, CKroboth,Michelle,
    God is awesome, and for sure HE has a plan..today I am sure I am part or at least a small piece of it..smiling from ear to ear!

  8. tam

    you are a constant testimony of His constant, mighty protection! wow.

    were there kids on the bus?

    praising God right now, sis!!!

  9. I love your site!

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