The Need to Believe HIM

Haven’t had alot of blogging time lately, but I sure am missing you all!

Some thoughts that are rolling around in my head (yes it is non-stop),  

God has laid out some very intentional things in the Bible that we seem to pick and choose as to if we believe it, or when we believe it. Seriously our bad!  As a believer , I need to believe HIM, not just what has been taught about HIM, or what is read in other books, but we need to BELIEVE HIM.  

Some of our storms, and some of the repercussions for our sin, are heavy, and seem like we will not make it through to the other side.  When thinking that..disbelief.  Several years ago, leading a study (to a few groups) on Believing God by Beth Moore, I was totally blown away at how little I believe HIM.  intense!

My storm is different this time, not at all like the rest, and while calling out to GOD, HE answered my heart, and reminded me of that study. And all HE says over and over is Believe Me.  

When you are in a rough time, do you believe that GOD has allowed that time for a reason, and has not left you, nor will HE let you drown there?  Do you believe HIM?  I am learning to believe HIM at a new level, and laying down my idols that have been holding me captive.  For this moment..I believe HIM, maybe later today not so much, then again more  belief.  Oh LORD, help our unbelief!



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22 responses to “The Need to Believe HIM

  1. This made me think of the verse from Daniel:

    …the people who know their God will display strength and take action. ~Daniel 11:32

    If we know Him, we will believe Him. We can stand firm understanding He will never forsake us. The more we know who He is, the more we can trust in His ways.

    I think I need to know Him more.

  2. Gracie Hill

    Like it! Who do you believe? your feelings? what someone else says? Today while reading I found I wanted to know what the Bible, God’s Word says about sin. Not what I’ve been taught or heard. It made a huge difference. We know to go to the Word, but we still sometimes, rely on our knowledge. Good words here we need reminding of, What does God say? Believe Him. Keep on…. love you

  3. Gracie, can’t find your me! thanks for your kind words, its really all about HIM, and we just need to believe HIM, HE knows, and HE knows the “whys”, and HE has a reason…believing HIM today! love you

    HW-have been missing you, hope you are feeling better! love you!

  4. I don’t believe that God always sends the rough times. He is always there for the rough times though.

  5. Papa, I believe that where ever the bad comes from, God is strong enough to rebuke it, and sometimes HE chooses not to. Other wise HE wouldn’t be in control. In a believers life, HE is controlling each minute..we are allowed to make choices, but the do not come as a surprise to HIM. love you Papa!!

  6. Michelle- just rescued you from did you get in there??

  7. I am there….I feel like I am going through a refining process at the moment and at least to me anyway it seems that my weaknesses and shortcomings are being brought to light. My first response is to try to justify and rationalize but I realize that this is necessary for me to be able to deal with these things so that I can be all that God wants me to be. I just keep reminding Him and me that He has promised me a hope and a future and that He began the work in me and ‘He has to be faithful to complete it. I just have to keep believing it!!

  8. You know I have been praying that prayer as of late! 🙂 Did Angela read my last post? LOL
    I love Michelle’s parallel… hmmm… and how do we get to know him if not by spending time with him!
    As for what Papa said I agree… In fact I don’t think God ever sends bad… because that’s not his nature… he is always good and there is no bad in him… but like you said Darla… he ALLOWS the bad… like with Job

  9. Ashley

    You blog hates me… it’s a fact… now… it really does…

  10. You can disregard that last comment… though I wasn’t even logged into wordpress and still got sent to spam… 😦

  11. He is with us in the storms. And He sends us help too. I know, because he sent you and Michelle and Annie and Nor when I most needed help. Praying for you sis. Love you!

  12. tam

    mark 9:24 i do believe but help me not to doubt.

    i keep this verse on my fridge. i need this reminder all the time. i need to ask Him that all the time. im more of a cynic than i thought i was. i just dont believe in myself, you know. not in all things. im learning. growing. He is patient. very, very, very patient!!!

  13. Yes indeed. I am learning a new level of trusting Him. It is good to trust. The result is peace, even though the process many times includes tears. Blessings to you …

  14. ashley! no you are not spam 🙄 i saved you princess!!

  15. @Ashley – I think God does send “bad” at times – called “judgment”! He has never tolerated sin, and nation after nation has suffered God’s wrath. The Bible has account after account of God’s wrath. Read Acts 5:1-11 – that will get your attention quick! 😯 ! God wants us to repent of our sin, and live for Him. Most of the “bad” in our lives is because of poor choices and all we need to do is call upon Him for help.

  16. Great blog. First visit.

  17. Just stopping by to say Hello. Hi Darla!

    Yes, we need to believe Him. Amen.


  18. Charlotte

    One of my husband’s favorite verses is Romans 14:23….whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

    My husband’s take on this, and I believe he is right, is that truly, at the root, there is really only one sin, and that is unbelief. Every other sin we acknowledge is rooted in this.

  19. Charlotte- that is what i believe too…all sin in rooted in unbelief…thank you for saying it so well!

  20. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  21. welcome Lamar! i only ask that you not sell anything on my blog. Your comments are welcome! No need to get the hang of it. Jump in any time. I was writing this to someone of us who are quick to say we believe in God, but we really don’t believe Him, or our lives would look much different. I want to learn to believe Him more.

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