Philippians 1: 17-19


Philippians 1:17-19 is my focus point today, but necessary to look back at verse 16 to just pull it together.  While reading through these verses in different translations, I realized that several words are being translated slightly different. Upon checking the Strongs, all words could be correct..but each casting a slightly different light.  so I decided to go back to commentary to see what the theologians have dug up on it.

Honestly not much more than we did at Philter48.  While reading this over and over this week, one thing just screamed at me!  There are so many false prophets, and others who really are not intentionally teaching wrong doctrine, still wrong all the same.  As the body of Christ we really need to take Pauls lead in this.  He had every human right to yell and scream and start petitions, and bring a light to the gospel that was vindictive, and intolerant.  But he didn’t.  He was resolved to the fact that God is in control, and no matter how someone else is acting, or making his life harder, GOD will reign, and all will work to HIS glory, and Paul is good with that.

I don’t know about you..but I have had about all I can stand of petitions in my email presented to me in the Holy name of Jesus.  And others screaming out over one verse they have against sinners.  WE ALL ARE SINNERS.  For by Grace we are saved…  for real, lets take Pauls lead in this.  Call sin “sin” and then remember that you can not change someone, and you can not be the Judge on this earth.  God has given that rite to HIS SON.  We need to bend the knee to a HOLY GOD just like Paul did, call it what it is, and then get on with it…God’s way, not ours..HIS glory..not ours.. Paul’s focus is intense, and as I grow in the LORD, expecting and hoping for that same focus,  love and admiration for the ONE who knows and plans our days.

If you would like to read what this commentary has to say about these verses…

Commentary- Jamison, Fausset, Brown

Philippians 1:16-19

 16, 17. The oldest manuscripts transpose these verses, and read, “These (last) indeed out of love (to Christ and me), knowing (the opposite of ‘thinking’ below) that I am set (that is, appointed by God, 1Th 3:3 ) for the defense of the Gospel ( Phl 1:7 , not on my own account). But the others out of contention (or rather, ‘a factious spirit’; ‘cabal’; a spirit of intrigue, using unscrupulous means to compass their end; ‘self-seeking’ [ALFORD]) proclaim (the Greek is not the same as that for ‘preach,’ but, ‘announce‘) Christ, not sincerely (answering to ‘but of a spirit of intrigue,’ or ‘self-seeking’). Literally, ‘not purely’; not with a pure intention; the Jewish leaven they tried to introduce was in order to glorify themselves ( Gal 6:12, 13 ; however, see on JF & B for Php 1:18), thinking (but in vain) to raise up (so the oldest manuscripts read) tribulation to my bonds.” Their thought was, that taking the opportunity of my being laid aside, they would exalt themselves by their Judaizing preaching, and depreciate me and my preaching, and so cause me trouble of spirit in my bonds; they thought that I, like themselves, sought my own glory, and so would be mortified at their success over mine. But they are utterly mistaken; “I rejoice” at it ( Phl 1:18 ), so far am I from being troubled at it.

      18. What follows from this? Does this trouble me as they thought it would? “Notwithstanding” their unkind thought to me, and self-seeking intention, the cause I have at heart is furthered “every way” of preaching, “whether in pretense (with a by motive, Phl 1:16 ) or in truth (out of true ‘love’ to Christ, Phl 1:17 ), Christ is proclaimed; and therein I do rejoice, yea, and I will rejoice.” From this it would seem that these self-seeking teachers in the main “proclaimed Christ,” not “another Gospel,” such as the Judaizers in Galatia taught ( Gal 1:6-8 ); though probably having some of the Jewish leaven (see on JF & B for Php 1:15,16), their chief error was their self-seeking envious motive, not so much error of doctrine; had there been vital error, Paul would not have rejoiced. The proclamation of CHRIST,” however done, roused attention, and so was sure to be of service. Paul could thus rejoice at the good result of their bad intentions ( Psa 76:10 Isa 10:5, 7 ).

      19. turn to my salvation–“turn out to me for, (or unto) salvation.” This proclamation of Christ every way will turn out to my spiritual good. Christ, whose interests are my interests, being glorified thereby; and so the coming of His kingdom being furthered, which, when it does come, will bring completed “SALVATION” ( Hbr 9:28 ) to me and all whose “earnest expectation” ( Phl 1:20 ) is that Christ may be magnified in them. So far is their preaching from causing me, as they thought, tribulation in my bonds ( Phl 1:16 ). Paul plainly quotes and applies to himself the very words of the Septuagint ( Job 13:16 ), “This shall turn out to my salvation,” which belong to all God’s people of every age, in their tribulation (compare Job 13:15 ).
      through your prayer and the supply–The Greek intimately joins the two nouns together, by having but one preposition and one article: “Through your prayer and (the consequent) supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ (obtained for me through your prayer).”



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13 responses to “Philippians 1: 17-19

  1. Darla, i am with ya. Petitions gotta go. Peoples words or signitures mean nothing to me. it is their actions that matter. If people would take the energy to love one another instead of writing a petition against someone or something, things would go smoother.

    Your Brother in Christ.


  2. “He was resolved to the fact that God is in control, and no matter how someone else is acting, or making his life harder, GOD will reign, and all will work to HIS glory, and Paul is good with that.”

    Isn’t that a wonderful perspective? It’s not that he didn’t “contend for the gospel” for we know he told us to do that very thing in Titus…??? But when it came to his own personal self being “misused,” he did not cry out against others. True humility, being poured out as a drink offering upon the altar…for the gospel.

    Good stuff, Darla!!!

  3. Michelle that is a wonderful perspective! hoping it will become my very natural way of looking at things.

    Brian- no kidding I get about 5 a week, and protests too..dang..i can see no Jesus in any of it.

  4. I delete all petitions and “please forward to XX people.” I hardly ever read them.
    People will not be changed by using the world’s methods for change, but only by the Spirit of God. It is the Word that does the work.

    Darla, did you get that J,F,B quote online? If so, where?

  5. Dale- i did get that on line in the BLB actually because I was already there..just type in the verses and then select them, scroll down you will find a window, and select commentaries…it gives you a list of all that comment on those verses..very sweet! much easier than the Quick Verse I use.

  6. dalehill

    I was hoping you had used BLB.

  7. been using BLB almost every day since you showed it to me…love it!

  8. I think people get wrapped up in thinking that things of this world can change the world. Nothing of this world will change the circumstances we are in. If more people would put energy into loving each other and finding the need, the world would be better off.

    Peace and love sis.

  9. Just when I was going to send you a petition — 😯 NOT!

    I love your thoughts – actually, they are God’s thoughts.

  10. Amen Darla!! I’m right there with you. 🙂 You know I am! Love you Princess!

  11. theosguy

    Hello Darla,

    Just wanted to pass along a help. On the links to the Blue Letter Bible the reason they aren’t working is that when creating the links within the editor make sure you prepend the “Bible.cfm…..” with
    Then they will work properly. And of course in the target option you can tell them to open in a new window so that people will keep reading your blog in its context.

    I am glad that you are enjoying the BLB.

    Pastor Jim Milligan
    Executive Director of Blue Letter Bible

  12. Thanks Pastor Jim, I was wondering why I could not get them to work..and link back to BLB I am going to work on that today..Love the Blue Letter Bible, hoping that my readers will try it. Peace and Love brother

  13. Papa- hahaha you are too cute! I don’t know if they are GOD’s thoughts, but I’d like to think HE walked through it with me.

    Annie- princess I know you are with me! yay! i am off for four days..and your blog is at the top of the list to catch up on..its a very long list..but I believe I can do it!

    CPKIII- I don’t think we can change the world. I just don’t think so. I do think we can be lights to show the way to the ONE true God, and that will make a difference in hearts, and individuals..but the world is already set on HIS calendar for destruction, thats why He makes a new one for HIS children. wow i just got myself all happy thinking about that! haha love ya bro

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