Worship with me

Worship the KING, know that you can not change your self , HE has to do it by HIS Spirit living in you.  Worship and lay it all down at HIS feet. HE loves you soooo!



Filed under Abiding, believe, Change, Christianity, dying to self, Face down, forgiveness, freedom, God, Grace, healing, hope, Jesus, life, praise, worship

5 responses to “Worship with me

  1. Wonderful…. Loved watching these with you this morning 😀

  2. love the “inside out” what a prayer..

  3. Darla, I have not worshipped that deeply in a long time.

  4. Darla, thank you. I loved the ‘inside out’ one. I have heard it before, but … real worship. Wow.

  5. I just love all of these songs… They’re amazing and great and just praise God…

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