Philippians 1:14-16

14 And most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold  to speak the word  without fear.  15 Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. 16 The latter do it out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. (ESV)

After reading and taking part in comments on these verses at Philter48, I began to reminisce of all the times I heard a testimony that just greatly encouraged me, spurred me on, and helped me to keep my eyes on Jesus.  I can only imagine how the church at this time reflected on all that Paul was going through. Paul was encouraging the church that no matter how bleak things look, God will use it for HIS good and glory.  Wondering …is that good enough for you? For God’s glory.  I ask myself that question from time to time, and honestly it places things in perspective.  And causes my heart to line up with HIS.

Everyone can think of someone who preaches or demonstrates the Gospel with love, and therefore puts up a defense for the Scriptures (can you really do this with love and NOT defend the gospel? just thinking out loud with you).  But we also know ones who make it a competition of sorts, and use it for their own personal gain.  Before we point fingers at them, remember how easily we fall into traps that have been set for us.  If we are not doing it for God’s glory, then we are doing for our own.

I would like to know..

1.) Are you encouraged by a brother or sister who goes through hard times, and you can see God working it for HIS good? Or do you join the ranks of “this is not fair!” ?

2.) Are you into ministry? and if you are…are you in it for personal gain, or all for the glory of GOD?

If you can answer these godly, and have it perfectly figured scare me! If you know that you do fall from time to time into the self righteous are not alone.  But we can get out of that and back to where we should be, giving God all the glory, and the praise..yes even or especially in our hard times. 

Remember, Paul is writing to the “church”, GOD placed it here, today in HIS HOLY Bible, for you and me..believers, the body of Christ, the “Church”.  As I go through this book I am looking for application to me and for you.  So feed back is welcome. 



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6 responses to “Philippians 1:14-16

  1. Then I guess I am one who scares you, for I do, indeed, have it all figured out. I’ve had the answer for years–I dunno.
    But, God does. God is on His throne and all is right with the world–even when I don’t think so.

    I am only encouraged by a person’s hard times, when they have come to the place of being encouraged. While they are hurting, I hurt. While they are crying, I cry. When they rejoice, I rejoice.

    I am into ministry, and I am definitely into it for personal gain: “Woe is me if I preach not the Gospel” (1Cor. 9:16)!

    Good post, Darla; and good questions. I hope my usual tongue-in-cheek backward humor doesn’t cause problems.

  2. Dale- i expect it from you. 🙂 I agree also! part of the beauty of the body of Christ is the way we feel each others pain and their happiness. Your humor does not cause a problem for me.

  3. Good stuff, Darla. I don’t join the ranks. Mostly because I know it does NO good to have a ‘me me’ pity party. Regardless of how bad the circumstance is. Kind of hard to realize when I’m the one going through the tough time. But still true!

    I am into ministry as well. And not for gain … I want it to be effective. So much so that I am wiling to wait as long as it takes until I ‘get it’ and I don’t just ‘strive in vain.’ I hope that makes sense. So many people ‘minister’ the same ways all the time. And sometimes that’s effective, and other times it’s not. I want what works. As far as I’ve seen it is the presence of the LORD that works, and if I don’t have THAT anointing, that presence … nothing that I do will work as well. So … me and God … we’re on a relationship journey. 🙂 I need more of Him. I need a better relationship with Him before I can give it away.

  4. I desire to bring glory to God with my words, but I do get in the way too much. I’d like to have it all figured out, yet the more I learn the more I realize I need to learn.

    I will keep speaking…in season and out of season…and pray He will give me the words needed to bring grace for the moment.

    I can’t get into Philter 48…I forgot my password 😳 and the default question thingy-ma-jig hasn’t worked…I think I need to email Carl…?

  5. If you can answer these godly, and have it perfectly figured scare me! If you know that you do fall from time to time into the self righteous are not alone.

    They scare me also.. I scare myself when I get that way… It scares me to turn it over to God sometimes.. But that is what I do daily tell him I don’t have it figured out.

    Peace and love sis…

    PS…Michelle you got mail.

  6. I don’t have it all figured out, and believe that when I do, I will be home with HIM. 😳 I am still here!

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