First blogger to visit me..

Our first blogger came to visit us and spend the night at our home! yay!! we have met many, but we always travel to see them.  So this was our first!!!


Yes, you guessed it! the mysterious Mr Noreaster Dude and his dog SAM..both were exceptionally well house trained!

Seriously, this visit was a blessing! All kidding aside..

Noreaster is a very close friend, because of Jesus.  Really.  We both have so many similiar storms, and so many of the same loves, and dislikes…he is truly my brother.

This meeting fell together in a few hours texting…and that was it.  So God to just arrange and pull it all together.  I really needed some encouragement, and he was there. AMAZING!!  Sam is the best behaved dog, and was an angel here in my dogs..well..bad bad bad…

SO you can say that the princess (and yes he did see my tiara) had dinner ready ( and that doesn’t usually happen), trina microwaved it, and made brownies..hahaha sooo ready for the unexpected.  And he even had “dippy eggs” for breakfast. 

Noreaster, you have blessed my life! thank you thank you thank you!  my prayers are with you, and praying for GOD’s directions to be so clear to your heart. Praying also for your are an amazing man! love you!





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20 responses to “First blogger to visit me..

  1. HW

    No WAY! I’m sooo jealous! Both of you got to see each other.

    I’m glad that he stopped. 🙂


  2. HW- please feel free to camp out here anytime you need a can bring your fam too..OR i will be looking for you this summer..can I sleep on your couch? just asking…

  3. HW

    My couch is always open, and my house is always messy! My mom is next door, and she has an extra bedroom with a real bed in it! I’ll bet she would share (she is a sweetheart). 🙂

    If I’m every anywhere near you for any reason (or if I just need to run away), you can bet I’ll be visiting!

  4. So wonderful that you got to spend time together!!

    (PS: your hair is TOTALLY cute)

  5. I’m so thrilled you guys got to meet. What a blessing for you both!

    A little taste of heaven on earth, getting to meet the family of God from around the country. One of these days…I’m hopin’!

  6. I still think that Nor is the dog… Not sure who is wearing the Red Sox Jersey….. 😉

    God brings things about in our lives in times and ways that we do no expect. I am thrilled that God brought two of his Children together when they both needed it.

    Peace and love sis and brother.

    PS. Yes you are on my list to meet.

  7. That picture is hilarious… i love it.

  8. I think its funny too!! 😆

  9. Are you there?

    HEY Goto Philter48…

  10. Thats terrific! When I come to visit I am bringing my Pet too! I call her mama and her kisses can be slobbery too!

  11. Carl I will have to give you my cell # so you can text me..I keep missing you, mostly because I am somewhere else, and I do want to catch you. have a great day Brother…I will be on today in between..will email later.

  12. That’s so cool… I can’t wait to visit you… and I’d also like to meet Mr Noreaster in the flesh too… he’s such a great person…

  13. darn… I was really really hoping not to end up in the spam….

  14. ProfessorNor

    Yes, for Carl Chicken Broth was correct: I am, in all actually, a dog with exceedingly proficient typing skills!

  15. JustNorWillDo

    And I got to play with Derek and Trina! 😀

  16. MrNor

    And we had loads of fun!!! 😆

  17. Nor

    And Darla is just so totally cool, too! 😉

  18. DarlaCallsMeNorDude

    I just wish we could have stayed longer. PA is always close to me. But now it’s even closer to me…or is it? Isn’t it? Ummm….Well, it means MORE to me because I got to meet The Clan of Overcomers!

    Derek is just so totally cool…Trina is SO FULL OF LIFE…and after five minutes with Darla…Well, I knew stopping at Hoss’s was a good idea!!!

    Man, I miss YOUSE GUYS!!!!!!!

  19. Nordude- you so make me smile! we had a blast, and thinking my only mistake was letting you go! But for the love of someone else..go on, get out of here! soooo when you coming back? just asking… miss you too!

  20. Wow! What a treat! The pics are great. 🙂

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