I got nothing..

How about those Cardinals…Steelers?!

I got nothing!!  need to post..but nothing!  soooo what did you do this weekend? Who were you for in the Superbowl?  What did you think of the game??

UPDATE(been totally bummed today…then…just like a kiss from the KING, I get to meet the Noreaster dude in a few short hours!! haha sooo excited!!!)



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13 responses to “I got nothing..

  1. You’re meeting Nor? no way! cool!

    I watched (half of it) with my hubby. We apparently were rooting for the Cardinals. Athough I have strong family ties (Mom’s family per your PA post) to the Steelers. I only watched half, though, because PBS was playing Sense and Sensibility (the new one) right during the game. And … you know which I chose.

  2. Watched the Steelers almost blow it.
    Cardinals played a great game.

  3. Noreaster?
    Up here?

    Where is he relocating to?

  4. I know it’s un-american to admit that I did not watch the game. I really didn’t care which team won. I am no longer the fanatical sports fan I use to be.

    Once my NYG fell apart at the end of the season my interest in the NFL dropped off.

    Now that my UCONN Huskies men’s and women’s basketball teams are both ranked #1 I have more interest in College hoops.

  5. so glad you all got to share in my experience! go to my facebook and see the pic I put up!

  6. Was there a football game Sunday evening? We went to church to a great choir concert, talked and visited with several homeless people from the shelter we volunteer at. Then went to Wendy’s with friends for a time of fellowship – we talked about next weeks Sunday School lesson. The lesson should be interesting: “Settling Disputes in the church”! 😯

  7. I was even planning to watch the game at a sports bar from here, but I’m still studying so I thought better of it…. I still don’t get the American football thing – it still looks like controlled violence to me 😉 But hey….. next year, huh? lol

  8. So, Bajan, I don’t get your point.
    Do you prefer uncontrolled violence? 8)

  9. You got nothing?!?!??!?!

    You got the NorEaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes life just ain’t fair. 😦

    But…I’ll get over it. 😉

    I was at a Superbowl party, but I didn’t watch the game. (The Cowboys weren’t playing so who really cares?) I played with my neices and nephews…awesome little people!

  10. Dale… what can I say? I’m a guy… if u blowing things up or beating things up, I’m there…. 😉

  11. love you “guys” in PA that includes females as well!

    Sorry I am behing in my posts, and my study post..promising to get caught up later today, and thank you for your patience. we are going through some scheduling difficulties as a family, and hopefully that is getting ironed out as you read this..You all make me smile..Have a great day in the LORD!

  12. I think you need to take time and rest…get it all ironed out…come back refreshed.

    Love you and praying for strength to endure.

  13. Thanks Michelle! but I have taken a few days off, or lost a few days…I am ready to do this. My priorities are God #1 and Family #2, and then the rest ..

    This is very much GOD to me, and family to me..so you all are priority to me. Love you, and thanks for your concern, and prayers. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

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