Saturday Funnies


Yes I have been guilty of this…MUST. REMEMBER. EVERYTHING. IN . MODERATION!  (mmmmlovecoffee)



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6 responses to “Saturday Funnies

  1. Moderation – only two naps a day – not three! 😀
    Moderation – use only one fork at the table!

    I”d write more – but it’s time for nap #1 !! 😀

  2. Papa- I agree!! one fork is more than enough..hahaha

  3. mmmmm coffee..think I will have some more..moderately of course.. 😯

  4. I moderate my coffee, too–with cream.

  5. But, what I’m missing in the cartoon is–
    Why would anyone want to blink their teeth?

  6. Dale- hahahahhahaha i moderate my coffee with cream and slenda…

    and hey! why do they want to blink thier are too funny!

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