What is..?

Let’s play a game..I know it is not Friday, but I still want to play a game..I might even play games the rest of the week, just because I can. 


Let’s play “What is..?”

Here is how to play…I will leave the first question (What is?) and you will answer and leave the next “what is?”  If someone leaves a word (like Carl) that can not even be pronounced and you do not know what it is, then make it up (no it is not lying, its playing “What is?” ) okay have fun..keep it family friendly…

WHAT IS..the definition of “DUH”?



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79 responses to “What is..?

  1. Something you should know!! DUH! LOL 🙂

    What is economics?

  2. TheNorEaster

    DUH: a colloquial oral expression which exemplifies confusion and dismay, though often used as a humorous form of sacrasm, most effective when the [uh] sound is drawn out

    Synonyms: Dahr, Doy, Duhr,

  3. TheNorEaster

    WHAT IS…the secret ingredient in the chicken?

  4. TheNorEaster

    Hey, have you ever PLAYED “Duh”?

    It’s so simple. You just find someone you know REALLY WELL and start saying “Duh.” And each time you say it, the other person has to say it back, until you’re both laughing so hard your stomachs hurt.

    (Note: It is most effective to do this in a PUBLIC PLACE!!!)

  5. TheNorEaster

    Oh. AND you can use “Dahr”, “Doy”, and “Duhr”, too!

  6. TheNorEaster

    I used to play that every Friday when I worked at the factory. And the boss NEVER bothered us…ya see, he thought we REALLY WERE crazy!

  7. TheNorEaster

    One more comment and I’m going to “kick” Carl Chicken Broth off your blog! 😉

  8. TheNorEaster

    Yanno, I’ve been hijacking a lot of blogs lately. Kinna fun. Heh.

  9. HW

    (there he goes again, Darla. He’s been having comment fun all by himself all over blog world lately!)

  10. TheNorEaster

    And then there was this one time when I was working at the factory and we had to work 34 hours in three days so we had the boss go get us all some coffee but he fell alseep in his car for four hours after he got back from getting the coffee so our coffee wasn’t cold and old and stale and frozen and do you know what happens to coffee when it freezes in a Styrofoam cup ’cause I gotta say it ain’t a pretty picture.

  11. TheNorEaster

    Heidi!!!!!!!! You RUINED MY HIJACK!!!!!

  12. TheNorEaster

    And I’m aluaghing so hard my face hurts from smiling so much!!!

  13. HW

    (Darla, help!!! He is back on MY blog again! Ahhhh)

  14. *tear… I’ve been spammed yet again… darn wordpress… DIDN’T They get the MEMO?!?!?!?! LOL

  15. Ram Venkatararam

    I am rather frustrated with the lot of you and am seriously considering seeking each of you out and giving you the kind of stern reprimands your parents obviously neglected to administer.

    YOu are all banned from my convenience store for 7 lifetimes.

    NOW, is someone going to tell me the secret ingredient in chicken or do I need to consult with Google???

    And, What is the meaning of the last name Venkatararam?

  16. The secret ingredient in chicken is what gives those nuggets their ugly yellow color. It’s called cowardice.

    What is the color of a burp?

  17. The color of a burp is a foggy brown with slight tint of gray.

    I think the secret ingredient in a chicken is the gizard.

    What is the purpose of the chicken’s gizard ?

  18. its actually spelled with 2 “Z’S” – Gizzards – !

  19. HW

    Just the name ‘gizzard’ is scary enough.

  20. TheNorEaster

    Hey, nobody left a question! Is it because we’re all banned from the convenience store for seven lifetimes?

    What is the purpose of banning of convenience anyway…?

  21. I think the purpose of the chicken’s giZZard is up for scrutiny.

    The chicken’s gizzard … oh goodness, I think I do know what the gizzard is for for real. Should I make something up? hmmmmmmmm…….

    The chicken’s gizzard is actually the soul of the chicken – the place at which it processes all it’s cowardly thoughts and feelings. Thus, some say it is the limpest most tender part of the chicken.

    The banning of convenience increases the reward of the inconvenience.

    What does the color blue smell like?

  22. tam

    im confused. i dont get nors question.


    um. so my answer is….i dont know. but it makes me think of 7-11

    what is a hug made of?

  23. I’m still not sure that the color blue can smell, I have not seen a nose on it as of yet. However i suspect that it tastes like chicken.

    What is the meaning of the word disconbobulated…

  24. disconbobulated=not conbobulated
    (although I secretly believe it is a 100 dollar word used by 1000 dollar men for the soul purpose of making a 50 dollar girl look confused)

    What is the real name of the abominable snowman?

  25. (nor-you are cracking me up this morning! :lol:,
    Heidi- hahahahaha
    Annie- I love that you played..too funny!
    convience storeman- hahahaha that would make your store inconvient, ya know?)

  26. The real name of the abominable snowman must be Harry, ’cause he is, ain’t he?

    If that’s not true, then what would be his wife’s name?

  27. Dale if his name is Harry, then his wife must be Fairy..you know, Harry , Fairy snowman family..yah thats it!

    Tam=- How did you get in SPam!! that is illegal around here..I rescued you..yay me!

    What is a hug made of?
    A hug you see is made up of all good intentions a dash of emotion, an over abundance of Love, and the sweet smells of a flower garden mixed with the sweet smell of pastry/coffee shop…(oh and Tam I have one for you)

    What is the reason that dogs must smell each other and others droppings and then want to kiss me? (yuk)

  28. Ashley! you were in Spam too!! They need a new memo!!! fo sho..

    Ashleys question…

    What is economics?

  29. What is economics?
    Well, you have to break that word down into all its parts totruly understand what it means
    e=electronic. That is the prefix used today for such things as e-mail, e-commerce, etc.
    co=company; ie, GEICO= Gov’t Employee Insurance COmpany
    no=without, nada, zip, zero, zilch
    Therefore, ECONOMICS is an electronic company that ain’t got no microphones.

  30. What is Dale thinking about when he doesn’t leave a question?

  31. The question assumes that Dale is capable of thinking. So, what is he thinking about? Obviously not leaving a question!!
    However, in the spirit of the games, I’ll ask:

    What is the flip side of flop?

  32. What is the flip side of flop?

    The flop side of flip DUHHHHHH 😉

    What is cereal without milk?

  33. crunchy lol

    What is the secret to blog happiness?

  34. PeregrinJoe

    The secret to blog happiness is a full comment section!

    What is a computer?

  35. A computer is as stupid…

    What is the magic # of licks to get to the center of a tootsie roll?

  36. What is the magic # of licks to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

  37. Hijacks…. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  38. 137.6 licks to get to the middle of a tootsie roll.

    What is a CPU?

  39. PeregrinJoe


    What is THE answer, to life, the universe and everything?

  40. What is THE answer, to life, the universe and everything?


    What is a CPU?

    Central Processing Unit

    What is the fiction equivalent of a true story?

  41. What is THE answer, to life, the universe and everything?


  42. What is a CPU?

    Central processing Unit.

  43. What is the fictional equivalent of a true story?

  44. PeregrinJoe

    An autobiography.

    What is the ultimate guy movie?

  45. I don’t know. Who is the ultimate guy?

  46. you all are cracking me up! So I see I wasn’t the only one looking for some fun and a stress reliever 🙄

    Carl 😆 you are the mad hijacker! and Nor did a pretty good job himself! Since I love it..you all can have as much friendly competition here as you want!

    Who is the Ultimate guy? You meant..
    What is the Ultimate guy?

    He is Mr.Clean..I am so sure… (and HUBS, I have to say that..he is mine! love ya baby)

    What is friday without pizza?

  47. Friday without pizza is like a day without sunshine.

    (Who fit better than what) but the game calls for ‘what’ don’t it?

    What is a day without sunshine like?

  48. Why is ketchup called that?

  49. Ketchup is not called that. It is called ketchup.

  50. or Catsup..hahaha I think its name orginated from a sneeze while discussing what to name it.

    What is the reason for origamy?

  51. TheNorEaster


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