two paths…seeking HIS Righteousness

twopathsSeems like I have been looking at these paths forever but in reality it has been 8 weeks.  Spiritually speaking.  Since walking on the path seeking HIS face, and HIS righteousness…the path keeps getting smaller.  Along with that, people tend to be left behind, and more believing God is needed. God will take care of those who are not going with, and God also calls me to follow after HIM.  The paths up to this point have been much easier for me to discern direction.  I am sure although I believe my road is extremely narrow, that it can become more narrow.  At the same times, I recieve warnings from other believers that this may be deception.  My only answer to that is…I need to believe GOD, and if I choose in error, I am still believing GOD, and HE will have to rescue me, and I believe that HE will.  Still not wanting to turn away Godly advice.  Are you starting to understand my dilema? 

I have come to this…

*Jesus is the way..and all men come to the Father through him. (John 14:6)

*My deepest heart cry is to know HIM more and love HIM more.  (Phillipans 1:9-11)

*fear of the LORD is sometimes interpretted as a critical spirit. Fearing the LORD is better than what men say. (Jeremiah 32:39)

*Walk by faith and not by sight.(Hebrews 11:1 )

*waiting for HIM to say “this is the road, take it.”   (Isaiah 30:21)

Last question for today..HOW does this verse play in to all that I am thinking? This is where I continue to come back to, and the verse that seems to be tucked in the back of my mind. ..

Isa 35:8 (NASB) — A highway will be there, a roadway, And it will be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean will not travel on it, But it {will} be for him who walks {that} way, And fools will not wander {on it.}

Two paths…feeling the pressure to choose, and yet I want HIM to tell me. What HE speaks to me is…”Believe ME”..

(Update- I choose today, and I am believing God that HE is always faithful, and will finish the work HE has started in me and through me.  Thank you all for your great encouragement, and prayers! love you)



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11 responses to “two paths…seeking HIS Righteousness

  1. Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…

    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.

    Without holiness no man will see God.

    I’m not really sure what you’re struggling with, Darla, but these are the verses that came to mind as I read your post. I’m praying for His will to be done in your life…for you to clearly see the path He would have you take. Just stay so close following in His steps that it’s not possible to miss a footprint. Love you, Princess!

  2. I wish mama and papa could be there to physically hold your hand as you go down the path you choose. Just keep focused on HIS voice and you will be fine – be confident. Trust!

  3. HW

    Bless you, Darla! Keep walking with Jesus.

  4. QUOTE:*waiting for HIM to say “this is the road, take it.” (Isaiah 30:21) Last question for today..HOW does this verse play in to all that I am thinking? This is where I continue to come back to, and the verse that seems to be tucked in the back of my mind. ..

    Notice that we can hear that voice ONLY when we are moving. Most people tend to ignore the last part of that verse–ie, ‘when you turn to the right or left.” Since you are moving, you will hear. (Can’t steer a car while it’s parked!)

    Another point: you said, “I am sure although I believe my road is extremely narrow, that it can become more narrow”

    Matthew 7:14 is often quoted, but misunderstood as to its full meaning. The word ‘narrow’ in that verse is a participle, which means that not only is the way narrow, but it gets continually moreso (ie, your experience). It could just as easily be translated ‘narrowing.”

    Do not worry about being deceived. It happened to me, and the Lord brought me through it. His Word promises, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” (Mt. 5:8) If your heart is pure, there is nothing to fear.

    Hope this helps.
    I love you, Sister.

  5. Whoops!!! That automatic emoticon thing got in the way. That is verse 8 of Matt. 5.

  6. Michelle- I love that you partner in prayer for me, that is priceless!
    Papa- I wish you could be here to hold my hand too! But as always you have great words of wisdom..thank you , love you so much!

    HW- HE never promised this would easy, did HE? but amazing how writing it all out here has helped alot today. My blog family is a blessing! love you

    Dale- You hit it spot on! I needed to move…thank you for your great wisdom, and compassion in this area. what you wrote made perfect sense to me. Thank you, I am choosing the narrowest road, and clinging to HIM, as HE knows what HE is doing, and I certainly do not! haha loved the sunglasses dude..haha love you brother

  7. Darla, I love your heart for God, and your desire to walk closely with Him and please Him in your decisions. I am not sure of the choices you are facing right now, but may His leading be discerned, and may you blessed.

  8. These verses are a great comfort to me today. Looking forward in faith with you is where I want to be.

    Love you

  9. tam

    you are one of the most faithfilled people i know. it amazes me. and seemingly, without question.

    this struggle you mention is kinda the reason why i have a hard time with “godly people” advising me, but in my spirit – i just know there is something off about it. maybe it isnt intentional, maybe it is. but if i dont run to the scripture and seek Him in it – that could be a big gamble.

    its seems more difficult, for me, than it should be. but i think i can relate to what youre saying here.

    praying for you, sis.

    love you so much!

  10. Darls – I don’t know what you’re struggling with, but I do know that His path … while being narrow still is filled with joy. Don’t let the enemy steal your joy!! Love ya – and HE WILL direct your paths.

  11. The wonderful thing about walking a road is that you need only take one step at a time.

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