Saturday Funnies





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11 responses to “Saturday Funnies

  1. Oh, that second one hits hard!!! I do spend my time coloring and I don’t even make a living doing it! (Although, I did sell four cards last night. That’s more than I’ve ever sold before.)

    I hear those lies. I need to remember from whom those whispers are coming.

    I know it was supposed to make me laugh. I did smile. A very knowing smile.

  2. Those are too funny!!
    By the way … my babies are here. 🙂

  3. weekend.

    Peace and love.

  4. Hey Princess : ) I really enjoyed these. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today. I can relate to the first one in the sense of my interaction with strangers; cashiers, waiters/waitresses etc. I am always reminding myself that God has a purpose for my encounter with every single individual so I try to use the opportunity to bring God glory and to be a witness to His love. Of course it isn’t always easy but praise God He equips us with the necessary tools to do so. I love you : )

  5. Michelle- they made me laugh and think..all good! Congrats on selling some cards! although you will sell more when you tell me you are ready to send me some. love ya

    Faith!!! Congrats on your twin boys!! praying for your adjustment and for the MS to stay silent while you adjust, love you sooo much!!

    Carl- 😆 you seem to know just what I need… and always gets a smile from me. Enjoying my quiet day (until the inlaws come for cake and icecream..its the boys birthday..13!)

    Gchy- your comment gave me happy tears, oh how I have missed you! and praying for you goes with out saying..when you gonna visit me? open invitation!

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