PA (pronounced Pee-ay) humor

I recieved this in my

email, and honestly its too

funny to not pass on.

However, is it sad that we

not only talk like this, but

we laugh at ourself too.


For those who think we ‘talk funny’ or use ‘big words’, here’s why ..
Once a Pennsylvanian, ALWAYS a

About Pennsylvanians: You’ve

never referred to Philadelphia as

anything but ‘Philly’ and New

Jersey has always been ‘ Jersey .’
We don’t go to the beach, we go

‘down the shore.’
You refer to Pennsylvania as

‘PA’ (pronounced Pee-Ay).

How many other states do that?? 

‘You guys’ (or even ‘youze guys’, in

some places) is a perfectly

acceptable reference  to a group

of men and women.
You know how to respond to the

question ‘Djeetyet?’ ( Did you eat

yet ? and the answer is

You learned to pronounce Bryn

Mawr, Wilkes-Barre , Schuylkill ,

the Poconos, Tamaqua,

Kutztown,Tunkahannock, Bala

Cynwyd, Duquesne and

Monongahela. also Conshohocken.
And we know Lancaster is

pronounced Lank-ister, not  Lan-

You  know what a ‘Mummer’ is,

and are disappointed if you can’t

catch at least highlights of

the parade.
You know what ‘ Punxsutawney

Phil‘ is, and what it means if he

sees his shadow.
The first day of buck and the first

day of  doe season are school

At least five people on your block

have electric ‘candles’ in all or

most of their windows all year

You know what a ‘State Store’ is,

and your out-of-state friends find

it incredulous that you can’t

purchase liquor at the mini-mart. 

 Words like ‘hoagie,’ ‘crick,’

‘chipped ham,’ ‘dippy eggs’, ‘sticky

buns,’ ‘shoo-fly pie,’ ‘lemon sponge

pie’, ‘pierogies’  and ‘pocketbook’

actually mean something to you.

( By the way, that last one’s PA

slang for a purse!)
You can eat cold pizza (even for breakfast!) and know others who do the same. Those from NY find this ‘barbaric.’
You not only have heard of Birch

Beer, but you know it comes in

several colors.
You know the difference between

a cheese steak and a pizza steak

sandwich, and! you know that you

also can’t get a really good one

anywhere outside of the Philly

area. (Except maybe in Atlantic

City on the boardwalk.)
You live for summer, when street

and county fairs signal the

beginning of funnel cake season. 
You  know that Blue Ball,

Intercourse, Paradise, Climax,

Bird-in-Hand, Beaver, Moon,

Virginville, Mar s, Bethlehem,

Hershey, Indiana, Sinking Spring,

Jersey Shore, State College,

Washington Crossing, Jim Thorpe,

King of Prussia, Wind Gap, and

Slippery Rock are all PA towns …

and the first three were

consecutive stops on the old

Reading RR! (PS – That’s

pronounced Redd-ing.)
You know what a township,

borough, and commonwealth are.
You can identify drivers from New

York , New Jersey , Mar yland or

other neighboring states by their

unique and irritating driving

habits and their front license

A traffic jam is 10 cars waiting to

pass a horse-drawn carriage on the

highway in Lancaster County .

(And remember … that’s Lank-

You know several people who have

hit deer more than once.
You carry jumper cables in your

car and your female passengers

know how to use them.
Driving is always better in winter

because the potholes are filled

with snow.
As a kid you built snow forts and

leaf piles that were taller than you

You know beer doesn’t grow in a

garden, but you know where to

find a beer garden. You also know

someone who lives ‘down the lane’.
You actually understand all this

and send it on to other

Pennsylvanians or former






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21 responses to “PA (pronounced Pee-ay) humor

  1. That just makes me want to visit more;) Can’t wait to hear your speech impetement, er….I mean accent sister!

    Love you Prin!

  2. Heather 😆 we not only say things like that we look at each other, and are aware that “its just wrong”.. haha would love for you to visit…it would be so much fun!!!

  3. TheNorEaster




    Go Philly!

  4. Yes Yes… LOL I know all about this… and I’m not from PA but I did spend 4 of my college years there and I experienced all of this and was wrapped up in the Pennsylvanian culture 🙂 I ❤ PA I’m so proud of myself that I actually have learned how to pronounce all those cities LOL and I now cringe when I hear someone mispronounce them LOL especially Lancaster.. and I’m like It’s Lank-ister! and I get looked @ funny LOL… and My Bff lives in Reading 🙂 and works @ Penn State Schuylkill
    PA still has a place in my heart

  5. Ashley when you get this way, you and I need to hang out..

    Nor- I knew when I read this, it would make you laugh…it made me laugh too! see how I am?

  6. Blue Ball,
    Intercourse, Paradise, Climax,
    Bird-in-Hand, Beaver, Moon,

    and these are ACTUAL names of towns???????



    And what’s these mean:
    ‘dippy eggs’, ’sticky
    buns,’ ’shoo-fly pie,’ ‘lemon sponge
    pie’, ‘pierogies’ ….

    Interesting indeed 😀

  7. bajan- 😆 all kidding aside YES they are names of towns and cities in PA…Dippie eggs are usually ordered at restaurants else where as “over light”, or “over easy”, soft yolk to dip your toast in…
    Sticky buns are yummy, but bad for you…sort of like a cinnamon bun fried in sugar (brown sugar, molasses) and covered then in raisins or nuts…very good to taste, full of fat and sugar… Perogies…generally dough stuffed with mashed potatoes, or meat, again fried in butter or deepfried..

  8. HW

    Ain’t it all the truth! 🙂 Us PA people have to stick together. Last fall I nearly took out an Amish buggy on our road, although we are towards the the top left corner of the state, nowhere near Lancaster, but there are a lot of Amish around our area. I’ll have to look for the picture I took with my cell phone. I took another one yesterday wondering where the road went with all the snow covering it.

    Yum, funnel cake, sticky buns, perogies… you have made me hungry!

  9. An’ ya know whut?
    None of these things can be found outside our borders except as cheap imitations. 8)

  10. Heidi, Dale hahahaahahaha PA people just get PA people…this post is still making me smile and laugh..especially Dale with “an ya know whut?” hahaha

  11. Ashley, if you look at a map and connect the dots from Lancaster to York to Harrisburg and then back to Lancaster..I live right in the middle of that triangle (Mount Joy and its not a mountain either LOL)

  12. Awesome!!! You live near York College 🙂 I’ll definitely be visiting there sometime soon!!! So I’ll definitely hit you up!!!!!! 🙂

  13. Ashley..please please do!!! I would love to hook up with you and take you to lunch or mom doesn’t live to far from York college…she lives in Red Lion.. sooo you love the Galleria?? How about Isaacs?? I am so excited I thought when you mentioned York before or I was hoping that it was the same York I know. lol totally cool!!!

  14. Kool I have a few friends who live in Red Lion 🙂
    There is no other York 🙂 LOL
    I took trips to the Galleria and I ate @ Issacs once… We usually ate @ the India Bar and Grill on Market St… or Round the Clock or Starlight but the spot was Walmart LOL

  15. Do you have a tourist guide book for language tips? I may need one this fall. 😯

  16. papa- I will be your tour guide, and you and miss you both!

  17. You forgot to “throw the cow over the fence some hay”

  18. This was so much fun to read! My Mom’s family is all from PA (and you’re right – I can’t think of another state that says the letters like that!) and I grew up in MD, so I understood … oh about half I guess. I could pronounce most of the ‘hard to pronounce’ words. My Grandma does say ‘crik’ and ‘pocketbook.’ 😀 Love that you’re from PA, Darls!!

  19. These are great! How fun. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  20. I am John, how are you everybody? This post posted at this web site is really nice.

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