I am not Spam…

Attention Word press!

I am not spam, heck I don’t even like spam.. the last two days I have landed in everyones spam…or moderation…this is frustrating as my time is limited and I want to spread some love around.  hehehe  I have also approved my sweet friend Ashley so many times I have lost count, and still I find her in my spam…Ashley is not SPAM…I am starting to hate spam…

SO if you have been missing me on your blog..I am probably in your spam or in the dark hole in WP that just makes me disappear…

SO how is you all’s week so far…leave me some chatter..honestly I am trying to give you all  a shout..just no one can hear me… sigh..maybe tomorrow..



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11 responses to “I am not Spam…

  1. My week has been GREAT!

    Thanks for asking!

  2. Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM NOT SPAM!!!!! LOL

  3. And yet I landed in the spam yet again… ugh!

  4. Well, I’m thinking it must be personal. I checked Spam and you weren’t there…so… 🙄

    Chatter…you want chatter???

    I got nuttin’.

    Hope you’re well. Been praying for you. 😉

  5. That reminds me…I need to check for comments at Philter48. I think I have comment moderation turned off though. Hmmmm…

    Oh an no you aren’t spam.

    Peace and love sis.

  6. Yep. Your last comment on the new church landed in my spam box. But, it’s okay. I go there at least twice a day to keep it clean. Never know what’s attached to all that stuff, and I don’t want it just lyin’ around waitin’ for opportunity.

  7. Darla…. miss u…. lol

    And no, u aren’t spam… although, like Michelle, I didn’t see you when I checked my Spam folder…

  8. I don’t know where my comments are going…but I am going to try again today…I am persistent!

  9. Nope..I am still going to spam or into cyber space somewhere…I can comment on my own blog as much as I like! hahahha okay thats fine..I like me…soooo I will be back to comment often!

  10. I do not like green eggs and ham
    I do not like them, spam I am ….

  11. You tagged this post with ‘hope’. Good for you! 😀

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