Wedding Dress- Derek Webb

As I listened to this intro/video , first shocked at the raw look at who we have become…we need to wake up, and take GOD seriously…this is not about wealth..and although I believe that HE wants to expand our boundries, HE wants us to be working the back yards we have.It doesn’t mean HE doesn’t send some abroad, or that some will be wealthy.  It can’t be our priority. I don’t  want to be an adulterous bride…harsh? yeah..reality check.

Intro to Wedding Dress- Derek Webb

Wedding Dress- Derek Webb



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8 responses to “Wedding Dress- Derek Webb

  1. Listened to both video’s – I think we each need to look at our heart – where is our first love? Hopefully it is Christ -I think we have white-washed sin and refuse to call it what it is. If we have the Holy Spirit inside I hope He is pleased with what I think, what I say and what I do – somehow that seems to mean I need to shun sin.

  2. Papa- love you and miss you bunches! This video really spoke to my heart, I can’t speak for anyone else..but I have believed for a long time that the”Bride” needs to get ready, and I can only work on me…sooo I don’t want to be the one with one hand in HIS side, and the other in a pot of gold..doing some self evaluating..hugs to you and mama

  3. Is this the rise of another prophet in the likes of Keith Green? ‘Twould be nice.

  4. could be..a lot of his songs have spoke some truth to my heart, and when challenging him against scripture he is point on…

    even tho its shocking at times, its a fresh breath of air to hear some raw honesty and truth, and direction to get back the God with out compromise. We have become a compromising people.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Darla. We really do need to look honestly at who are we are, what we think and how it lines up with scripture. If it doesn’t line up, then I need to get rid of my thinking and conform to His image.

    The bride does need to get ready, Amen.

    Always challenging us to press on. I love that about you. 😉

  6. A Derek Webb… This song just tears at me. To many think that they can take Jesus on and off when they need to. When he is convenient they wear him. When he invades or hinders something they take pleasure in, they take him off.

    This world is set up to deceive us, we can not purify ourselves, we must wear the Cross of Christ daily.

  7. I’ve got a live album by Derek Webb where he gives a very different intro/explanation to this song. I guess it speaks differently at different times to different people.

    I am a whore.

    Speaks volumes.

  8. brotherjohnny

    Derek Webb has certainly been a prophetic voice in my own life.
    Great post.

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