Direction for me is usually (should be always) concerned with the way of the LORD. The only place with true direction is the Word of God. Its flawless, and will stand even when everything else falls. Amazing! I have heard different ones say..How can one know the way of the Lord? Granted you can not know conclusively, but you can know! Rejoicing in a search I did in my ESV. Search “the way of the LORD” -292 verses. No doubt HE is trying to give us some answers we want, we just need to look for them.
I used to be a Qualilty Manager, and everything was built to specifications laid out by the customer. All our drawings (or most) came with what is called a Datum. In other words no matter what dimension I was looking at it needed to always be in line or in reference to the Datum that was called out on the print. That is how I am seeing my life and walk with the LORD. God’s truth is the datum, and all things that I consider to be truth of GOD are in line with HIM, so all my life directions are being built on HIS truth. Don’t know if that makes sense to you, but makes me rejoice!
The Word of GOD=Truth. just my thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon..



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7 responses to “Direction

  1. I like your thoughts on a Sunday afternoon.

    Amen…I think I just said much the same in the previous post…honestly, I hadn’t read this one yet.

    Love you, Princess. Hope you’re feeling better and ready for the new week. Praying for His strength to be yours. 😉

  2. I have been spending most of my day contemplating my life’s direction – I don’t intend to be morbid – but my life here on earth is drawing to a close. Hopefully not too fast. 😯 I want what I am doing in my final years to be in total agreement with what God’s Word says and what He wants me to do. What makes this journey easy is His Word – what makes it difficult is me, when I knowingly make wrong choices. Hopefully, I will keep those to a minimum! 😀 His Word is indispensable in my life!

  3. “I am the Alpha and Omega…. I am the truth”

    The word for truth is Alethes, the root for Alethes is Alpha. He is the beginning of Truth…. and the end.

  4. Amos 7:7-8 says that the Lord established a plumbline in our midst. That plumbline is the Word of God. Let every thought, word, and deed be measured by that plumbline.

  5. tam

    makes perfect sense Princess.

    so ive been thinking this week about my inner frustration with this seemingly lack of direction i feel our family is going in…or not. maybe my “feelings” arent lined up with his plans. which would equal frustration. i think ive been looking at a few things all wrong.

    this was good darla. so very good right now. wow.

    you are a true, true blessing!

    ive been reminiscing a lot about your trip this last summer. great times! awesome memories!

    love you!!

  6. That is one of my favorite things about you; you are continually adjusting your life so that it lines up to the Word of God. You are awesome!

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