Teen Mothers in Church

Interesting…while thinking today of a young mother (16), who chose to keep her baby, and is trying very hard to keep good grades (maintaining an A average), taking on her motherly duties, and the baby is a picture of health and being well taken care of…one  happy baby.  This mother is wanting to go to church…I know there are consequences to our poor choices.  But those consequences should never be with holding Jesus Christ, or the gospel as if she has really out sinned God’s forgiveness.  Curious..

-Would your church be okay with this young lady being part of your daughters youth group? why or why not?

-Would you let your daughter be her only friend?

give me some feed back….(BTW-I already am loving this young mama)

Alot have opinions, and alot speak a good God talk…how about you? how do you think one should respond to this situation?



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15 responses to “Teen Mothers in Church

  1. Darla, this is where I think the institutional church fails in the way humans have set up the system. The Church (Christs believers) should go to her and love her more than themselves, not have her go to church (she is likely not to be accepted among the walls of some church buildings)

    The true followers will be with her all the time building a relationship. (Like you are right now)

    Absolutely I would have her in my home and visiting my family, and sharing her stories with ours. Not judging, we all have faults, lets talk about our sins together to learn how to grow in Christ and Christ alone.

    Just my two cents….


  2. HW

    Yes, I would want her to come to my church. Yes, I would let my daughter be her only friend. If my church wouldn’t accept her, I would leave and find a church that would.

    Sure, she made a poor choice 9 months before that little one was born and it is over and done with long ago, but God is the author of life, and that baby is a blessing to the world. That little life was celebrated in heaven, and should be considered a redeeming and beautiful result.

    She made a hard choice by giving this baby life, and anyone who is ‘pro-life’ should celebrate with her, not be against her. And arms should be opened wide for this young mommy and her baby.

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  3. Swanny- i believe the institution has fallen apart in this area as well. It breaks my heart that they have forgotten that it is by Grace that we are saved.

    I haven’t been to church since i started loving on this girl, except that we went to the mega church here with her for Christmas service…you know she wanted to go.. God is so awesome to bring her to us, and we really do adore her and that baby.

    My 16 year old is crazy about her, and all I see is a young lady still a child in many ways, tending a baby and playing Wii when the baby is sleeping…Thanking God for keeping my eyes open to her, and bringing here here.

    I know you get it!

  4. HW- girl I am loving your two cents! that is exactly how I feel about..like..the poor choice is over..repercussions are being dealt,…everyone just move forward with it!! you know that is the beauty of God, we make mistakes, and HE corrects us, but HE doesn’t keep correcting us every time we walk by…soooo much freedom in Christ!!

  5. Tanya

    Were we not told by God to go out to all the nations and tell people about Him. Then once they come in the door of the church, we are to love them, pray for them and share the word of God with them. I find it funny that we are so protective of our children and ourselves that we do not place ourselves out there to do the will of God. I would definiatly let my daughter spend time with this girl and I would love to have over to our home. All girls in this situation are just looking for love and exceptance to begin with. They are trying to find their niche in this world. This is an awesome question, one that our church has been wondering about.

  6. Definately one CUTE happy baby. What a blessing and it’s obvious that her mama loves her…

  7. We have a girl in our youth group that got pregnant at 15 and has a baby and she is in active member of our youth group. She realized that she made a mistake and hey afterall, what makes her sin any worse than rest of us?? I’m just sayin……we have a tendency to categorize sin. If you and your family don’t love on her, she will go looking for it somewhere else and it will probably be to the arms of another guy and possibly make the same mistake again.

  8. OH MY! OH MY! I can’t fathom a church or anyone not accepting this girl – that blows my mind! If my church would even think of saying no – I’d be allover somebody like stink on a skunk! Bring her to papa’s house – bring her! Mama would be a great teacher on taking care of that baby. If she was in papa’s church she’d be loved to death! That baby would totally be disrupting the service – they would be passing that special little one down every pew!!!! LOL Give her a big hug from papa & mama – I wish we could video chat with her!!

  9. I would want her in my church and in our lives!

    Most definitely.

    If we can’t welcome with open arms anyone…ANYONE…who are we?

    Not Christ-like!!!

    Just sayin’.

  10. Now if the church would just accept my son.

  11. Wow! I hope I would do the right thing in that situation. What would Jesus do? I think we all know.

    Thanks for your words!


  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    What they all said.

    Including that swanny guy… 😉

    Peace and love sis.

  13. Exactly how Jesus would, love her, embrace her, forgive her. As someone once said sometimes the world is more aware of what Christians dont stand for rather than what we do stand for….not quite what Jesus had in mind I’m sure!

  14. Knowing how we operate, we’d all pitch in and help…. we don’t have a youth group, because we are a house church and everyone meets in each other’s homes anyway…. we’d all befriend her … and since my kids are so small I’m still accustomed to changing diapers! :mrgreen:

    Love you, Darla… and I’m emailing you right now after reading this!

  15. As long as we allow our culture to inform our religion, we will be faced with this type of problem in the so-called church. It is time that we, as believers begin to change our culture by the true faith we’ve been given. The world tolerates the sin and some of tis consequences. The church should not tolerate sin, nor the sinner, but make a way for the sinner to become a saint.

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