Reading your Bible?

Last Evening my daughter and I started studying Ephesians together..well we only got through 6 verses..but hopefully more later today.. I am in search of a plan that takes me through my Bible, but I am not really interested in doing it in a time frame.  I know me, if you set a deadline before me..I will make that deadline! But if I take the time I really need to do it, better end result. 

I seem to be with out a study at the moment, I am working on Philippians, but that will be a slow process, and I need something to have my quiet time with.  Any suggestions?? Do you use a Study workbook? Any new and exciting studies out there, that I should know about??



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  1. Check out it’s a website that goes through the Bible in a year …. just by listening! The website’s creator reads a couple chapters in the old testament, the new testament the psalms and the proverbs…. every day! Takes about 20 minutes, but a community has formed around just coming to interact with the Word every day…. I’ve joined it, and it is really cool. You can check it out too…
    I also use this one is also audio clips… but shorter and more palatable – 5 mins each, with a short devotion and quiet time. I love that one too 🙂

    Hope it helps 😉

  2. Wow! Neat info there, Bajan. Thanks.

    Darla, it could be that you have gotten beyond the reading of a passage and digging out its meat. Could be that you are ready for a more intense approach, such as word study or cross reference.
    Your new ESV Study Bible will be a benefit for cross-reference study. You will definitely need a notebook and a good writing utensil, though. If you want to combine the two into an intensely intense study, let me know and I might be able to help.

  3. the links above wouldn’t work for me, but pasting them into the browser did. Great stuff!

  4. I love Precepts, Darla. You can usually find a group in any city, but if not, it’s possible to do alone. The workbooks aren’t expensive and the studies are indepth.

    Love you!!

  5. Thanks, Michelle.
    Im printing off Life in the Spirit Study Guide as I write this.
    Great site.
    Is it not wonderful how the blogosphere brings us so togegther?!? I love it.
    Darla asks a question, and I am able to benefit from the answers.
    Thank you, Lord.

  6. Dale, this is not the first time I have come to this wall..and your solution is not the first time I have considered…But you are the first one who offered to help get me moving in the direction…so you still want to help??

  7. You’re welcome, Dale. Precept Ministries is a great way to learn how to study indepth. It’s where I learned how to “structure” the text, which is a huge help for proper observation.

    It is wonderful, this online “church” He has provided, huh?

  8. Of course. Certainly. Be glad to help, Darla.
    Since we both have access to the ESV, we oculd use that. Or if you prefer a different translation, we could use something else.
    Blog or e-mail?

  9. Dale- lets do the email thing..glad to have someone who wants to help and give some direction.. YAY God!

  10. PeregrinJoe

    Darla: My method is simple, but I have used it for years and it works for me so here it goes:

    1. I read several chapters in an OT book.
    2. I read 3 Psalms or more or less, whatever.
    3. I read 1 chapter in Proverbs, which so nicely broken out into 1 chapter for each day of the month.
    4. I read 1 or 2 chapters in one of the Gospels.
    5. I read 1 or 2 chapters in a NT book.

    By doing this I end up reading the entire Bible every year, the Psalms at least twice a year, Proverbs 12 times a year, the Gospels three or four times a year, and the NT at least twice or more a year.

    I also am always reading some type of spiritually challenging book, usually a chapter per day. Right now for instance I am reading RC Sproul’s CHOSEN BY GOD.

    Sunday afternoon is my in-depth Bible study time, where I pull out the commentaries and word studies, and multiple translations and really dig deep.

    Hope this helps.

  11. PeregrinJoe

    Oops, one more thing…I journal my way through my Bible readings, recording prayers, passages, thoughts and questions. This helps me to focus and not just “check something off of a list.”

    Okay, now I really am done.

  12. Joe 😆 i hope you are never totally done! thanks you know there is plan in my ESV for something similar to what you are doing…and RC Sproul love that book..been a while but it still on the top shelf!

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